His Wife Refused To Pay Off His Student Loans With A Large Inheritance, So He Took Action

Personal finances in a marriage vary from one family to the next. Some couples immediately open shared bank accounts and there’s never a question about who in the relationship will pay which bills. In other situations, finances remain separate and the couple choose which bills each partner will pay.

For one couple on Reddit, their situation was drastically altered after the wife received a large inheritance from her family.

Student Loans Were At The Heart Of The Situation

In an “Am I The A-Hole?” thread on Reddit, the husband explained that his wife received an inheritance five times the amount he owned on his student loans.

Wife Student Loans and Inheritance
@sloanaita / Reddit
@sloanaita / Reddit

He then explained that he asked his wife to pay off his loans, a move that would put their family in a much better situation financially. As the man revealed, the inheritance would still be very large without the chunk used to wipe out his student loan debt.