Celebrity Dads Who Don’t Deserve The ‘Father’ Title

It’s easy to celebrate the accomplishments of celebrities. They thrill us with their athleticism, make us cry with their acting chops, and they regularly prove that having the right talent can be enough to accomplish all of our dreams. Unfortunately, these celebrities are also dads but have failed to act like the father their children deserve.

From failure to pay child support, even with millions in the bank, to outright refusing to be a part of their child’s life, these deadbeat celebrity dads are sad excuses for parents.

Wait until you see the horrible thing Eddie Murphy did to his daughter after he impregnated Spice Girl Mel B.

Matthew Knowles Allegedly Stole From Beyonce

Matthew and Beyonce Knowles
Dave Hogan/Getty Images

I wanted to kick off our list by highlighting a despicable act that goes beyond simply denying money for your child. After Beyonce became a superstar it was discovered that her dad, Matthew Knowles, was allegedly having various affairs. If that wasn’t enough, it was also rumored that he was stealing money from his own daughter. The rumors, and apparently enough proof presented to his daughter, led to her management team firing Matthew and sending him on his way.