Dad Pranks That Are Funny And Sometimes A Lesson In Disguise

My wife is constantly telling me to take my job as a parenting seriously. Yes, I understand the importance of teaching my children valuable life lessons, however, I’m also prone to dad jokes, saying whatever comes to mind, and capturing the moment without a lot of thought.

Talking to my group of friends with children, I’ve learned that most of my buddies are often lectured by their spouses for acting the same way. At our heart, dads just want to goof off. Still, we do find our own unique way to teach our children valuable lessons.

These dads decided the best way to have fun with their kids was to prank them in funny, sometimes inappropriate, and creative ways. In the end, some valuable lessons were also learned.

This Dad Used Visual Learning On His Daughter


Scott Mackintosh is what most people would call an “overprotective” dad. He likes to think of himself as “a bit protective” and with four daughters and three sons at home who could blame him. So why is Scott wearing short shorts you ask? During a family outing, he noticed his daughter’s less-than-adequate clothing. He asked her to put on longer shorts and she refused. To teach his daughter a lesson, Scott put on a pair of shorts that did his body no justice and then visited various public locations with his little girl. The result? Scott says she “now dresses a little better.” Lesson learned and dad prank achieved with perfection!