Dad Pranks That Are Funny And Sometimes A Lesson In Disguise

My wife is constantly telling me to take my job as a parenting seriously. Yes, I understand the importance of teaching my children valuable life lessons, however, I’m also prone to dad jokes, saying whatever comes to mind, and capturing the moment without a lot of thought.

Talking to my group of friends with children, I’ve learned that most of my buddies are often lectured by their spouses for acting the same way. At our heart, dads just want to goof off. Still, we do find our own unique way to teach our children valuable lessons.

These dads decided the best way to have fun with their kids was to prank them in funny, sometimes inappropriate, and creative ways. In the end, some valuable lessons were also learned.

This Dad Used Visual Learning On His Daughter


Scott Mackintosh is what most people would call an “overprotective” dad. He likes to think of himself as “a bit protective” and with four daughters and three sons at home who could blame him. So why is Scott wearing short shorts you ask? During a family outing, he noticed his daughter’s less-than-adequate clothing. He asked her to put on longer shorts and she refused. To teach his daughter a lesson, Scott put on a pair of shorts that did his body no justice and then visited various public locations with his little girl. The result? Scott says she “now dresses a little better.” Lesson learned and dad prank achieved with perfection!

Let It All Burn!


A video of a dad throwing his daughters’ Christmas presents in a fire went viral but it’s not the outcome we expected. Scott Boudin asked his daughter Cooper to grab a specific box that was sitting under the family Christmas tree and then chucked it into the flame. His daughters, as expected, freaked out. Scott calmly asked his spoiled daughters why they never listen to him to which they replied, “‘Cause we’re not like you.” Scott then explained to his little girls that the box was empty and used to teach them a lesson. We don’t know if his little girls are acting any more kind to their dad these days but it’s probably a lesson they will never forget, especially after millions of people viewed the dad prank.

Is That Dad Or Michael Phelps?


Justin Beadles wasn’t attempting to teach his son Jack a valuable lesson when he showed up at his kid’s school to pick him up. Fifteen-year-old Jack was celebrating his last day of junior high when his dad showed up. It turns out that Justin and his wife love pranking their son and his wife even filmed the occasion. At least school was letting out for the summer and Jack could hide in his room for a few months. The young man was a good sport about the entire event and laughed along with other kids at his school. I would pull off this same prank if you gave me about 12 months to build up to a swimmer’s body.

A Blinker Fluid Prank


Rodney Herbert of Chesterfield, Michigan found a unique way to teach his daughters about vehicle maintenance. This dad printed a fake coupon for “blinker fluid” and then sent his daughter’s off on an adventure at Auto Zone. For the record, there is no such thing as blinker fluid, which makes sense since our lights are electrically powered. When his girls returned to the car he broke out in laughter. His daughters said it wasn’t funny and told him they “looked like idiots” when asking for the product. I applaud this dad for realizing that sometimes you just have to have fun to show your kids that a good prank is well appreciated. They will probably never accept the first price from a mechanic ever again which is also a good lesson.

OMG It Hurts So Bad!


You know when you’re a little child and your parents protect every outlet in your home with plastic plugs? Then as you get older they tell you to be careful around electricity? I wish I could say this dad was teaching his son a lesson about electrocution but really he was just having fun. This dad was working on an open light socket when he suddenly starting jumping around in pain. The look on his son’s face was priceless as he watched his dad get “shocked” by the outlet. I guess you’re never too old to learn a valuable safety tip from dad.

The Worst NFL Present Ever


When this young Chicago Bears fan received a package with her new jersey she was ecstatic. But when she opened the box, she discovered a… gasp… Green Bay Packers jersey. The little girl went from super excited to pissed off in a blink of an eye. Not wasting any time, she threw the jersey at her dad after he asked, “what’s wrong.” She responded, “it sucks” before crossing her arms and continuing to throw her fit. Her dad quickly promised to call the company and fix the “mistake” but not before the video was seen by millions of people all over the world.

Dad Gets Police Help To Prank His Daughter


A Pembroke Pines dad received a phone call from the police department to inform him that his daughter’s missing wallet was found in the middle of University Drive. Officer Michele Fanelli arrived with the wallet and this prank-loving dad went inside to get his daughter. As he approached his daughter he asked, “Is there something you need to tell me?” and she responded with a simple “No.” He then told his daughter that a police officer was outside and wanted to speak with her. After some grilling about her “after hour” partying the night before, his daughter walked outside in a sweat. Once she approached the cop, both the officer and father broke out into laughter. Remember kids, don’t keep important stuff from your dad.

Dad Convinces Daughter Their Car Is Going To Eat Her


This dad left his young daughter in their convertible and started to close the roof which was open before their drive. As the roof starts to close he tells his daughter the car is going to “eat you.” The little girl doesn’t realize how a convertible roof works and immediately starts to freak out while covering her head. Okay, not the nicest way for dad to treat his daughter but the reaction caught on video went viral and his child learned how a convertible roof works which seems like a lesson learned in my twisted brain.

You Did What To Our Child’s Hair!!!


Bobby Wesson’s wife, Rayena, is no stranger to pranks. Bobby loves to freak out his wife whenever the chance presents itself. In 2017, Bobby created a viral prank that took the internet by storm. Right before the family was supposed to have their pictures taken, Bobby sent Rayena a text in which he claimed to have cut off too much of his child’s hair. That text was followed by the picture you see above. Rayena, realizing her husband and son were bald, flipped out. The prank was so masterfully completed that the family ended up with an appearance on The Today Show. Dads are the best, or worst, depending on your perspective.

Dad Cuts Off His Finger For A Prank


Here’s a fun dad fail. This guy thought it would be funny to use the pictured severed finger to prank his wife and kids. The idea was simple, pretend like he was cutting food and accidentally cut off his finger. His two preteen children, completely aware of their dad’s love of pranks were not amused. As his wife filmed, the dad began to scream, only to have his kids look on with a dumbfounded look. Kids these days are just getting harder to prank, it’s probably all of that rock & roll music and iPhones. When this dad asked what his daughter thought of his prank she responded, “I want a marshmallow.”

A Fake Hand And A Toy Saw


Playing with fake tools is a great way for a small child to learn about building stuff with their hands. It’s also the perfect time for a dad to pretend like his son cut off his hand with a saw. This little boy absolutely flipped out when dad’s hand went missing. At first, the child seems confused and then a look of pure horror comes over his face as he realizes dad is missing a hand. The little boys stare after he realizes it was all a joke was one of the most priceless viral moments I’ve seen in a long time.

Chucky Killed My Dad


What would you do if dad was laying on the patio with blunt force trauma to his head and a Chucky doll standing over him? If you were caught by surprise a reaction of sheer horror might occur. This dad pulled off the prank of a lifetime and his daughter totally lost her mind. When her mom runs outside to investigate a quick smile flashes across her face. Honestly, I probably would have jumped 10 feet in the air and refused to watch any more horror films after encountering this scene.

Dad Copies Daughter’s Sexy Selfies


An Eastern Washington dad decided it would be fun to re-imagine his daughter’s selfies. He took to Facebook, Twitter, and other social platforms to grab photos he thought would teach her a lesson. “So my daughter has been posting sexy selfies of herself and instead of telling her to stop, well, I thought of something better,” he wrote on Instagram. He then proceeded to post pictures of himself shadowing his own daughter’s very actions. His matching clothing, accessories, and even her tattoo added to his final product. His daughter wasn’t even mad, posting one of the photos on her own social profile while telling her followers, “THIS IS MY FATHER.” Lesson learned? Probably not.

That’s One Creepy Refrigerator Full Of Food


In one of our more creepy dad prank moments, this guy placed a bunch of googly eyes on all of the products in the refrigerator. Okay, this is silly, I get that but it’s also terrifying. Imagine coming downstairs in the middle of the night for a glass of milk or a snack and opening the fridge to find all of your food and condiments staring back at you. I would probably ask my children if they were questioning my sanity after pulling off this type of dad prank. “I can’t eat the butter mom, it has been staring at me for the last week.”

You Grew Overnight!


Here’s a fun way to prank your children for almost no cost and very little effort. Put a little bit of toilet paper in the toe of their shoes. When they try to get ready in the morning you can convince them they are growing rapidly while they sleep. Then tell them they probably won’t even fit in their clothes by the end of the day. Send them off to school with the knowledge that their clothes might not fit in a few hours and watch the fun unfold. Okay, maybe that’s taking it one step too far which is why I don’t typically dress my children in the morning.

There’s A Monster Under Your Bed!


This dad and mom team got together for a prank that is sure to give their children nightmares well into adulthood. A simple noise machine was placed under the beds in their children’s shared bedroom. After they left the room, mom and dad waited for a reaction and they were not disappointed. At first, both children are scared, then her brother ensures her that monsters don’t exist. Eventually, the prank is revealed and thankfully both children had a good laugh at the prank that had them fooled for a short period of time. Also, what a good brother! Mine just tried to fight me for most of our childhood but he never won a single battle, I’m sort of proud to say.

There’s $10 For Gas Money In My Desk. Sucker.


This kid asked their dad for $10 for gas and the response was immediate. Dad said, “Sure, it’s in the top left drawer of my computer desk.” With no bottom shelf, we have to assume the money vanished just like this teens hope of driving anywhere. Their response of “Thanks, Dad” I have to assume was made in jest. Sometimes dads just need a moment to poke fun at their kids and that dynamic probably hasn’t changed in a very long time. I send my children on wild goose chases all the time just to get some peace and quiet in my house.

When Grandpa Gets Even It’s Priceless


Grandpa might be old but don’t assume he doesn’t have any fight left in him. This guy had a little bit of fun when his grandfather fell asleep but then he made the same mistake while on vacation with his elder family member. Grandpa jumped at the opportunity to return the favor in a fun viral photo that people couldn’t stop sharing. Just because dads grow older it doesn’t mean we ever stop acting like children when given the chance to let our prank flag fly.

Bigger Sexy To The Rescue


Here’s a dad tip for our all our younger readers. If you are going to show up at my house dressed in a “big sexy” shirt there is going to be a response. This dad found the perfect way to upstage his daughter’s boyfriend by wearing a “bigger sexy” shirt. Based on this dad’s muscular arms I’m willing to bet he won this argument. I do find it endearing that the girl’s boyfriend seems to be holding a stoic look as he stares into the camera. I’m willing to bed both of these guys had a good laugh after they saw the final results of this viral dad prank photo.

While The Kid Is Away Dad Will Play


You don’t have to be a photshop expert to prank your kids but it sure does help. This dad prank occurred after a daughter went away to college. With the photo she wrote, “My dad said my dog took over my room after I left for college. He sent me this…” In all fairness to this dad, if your dog can take over a room with this type of free abandon they deserve a cozy place to call their own in the house. I wonder if his daughter curls up in the new dog bed when she’s visiting over break.

Dad Got Run Over By A Reindeer


I have a pretty dark sense of humor sometimes but this was a little much. This dad placed a deer in the driver seat of his vehicle and pretended to be run over. He sent the photo to his kid with an urgent message about an accident. Grandma might not have been run over by a reindeer but this dad sure was. Call it a dad prank or just a really bad dad joke but I would do exactly the same thing if given the opportunity. This is exactly the type of stuff that make my kids think I’m weird.

When Dad Has Scissors, Dad Will Play


This kid was hoping to have his favorite team logo cut into his hair. His friends all had this style so he turned to his dad. Bad idea kid. While some artwork was applied it definitely wasn’t a team logo. On a positive note, the cut is in the back of his son’s hair so the little kid won’t have to look at it all day long. At least hair grows back quickly and perhaps a professional provided this kid with better results when it was finally time for another haircut.

Popping Balloons Is No Longer Fun


Want to shock your kid and create more laundry for yourself? This dad filled a balloon up with whipped cream, taped a pin to his son’s hat, and asked him to try and pop the balloon. The balloon was filled with whipped cream which covered the boys head and a good portion of his body. He laughed it off like a champ and his brother licked some of the whipped cream off the ground, probably because little kids are super weird and do strange stuff like that all the time.

Well That Sure Did Backfire


This dad thought it would be funny to give his children an onion and banana the night before Christmas. He wrapped the presents and told his kids they could open one present early. Instead of throwing a fit the children were super excited to have some healthy snacks they could enjoy. I have said it several times throughout this article but kids are weird and they like to embrace the strangeness that is their lives. If you want to be a professional dad prankster you have to do better than this.

Psycho Part 2


Dad pranks pulled off in multiple parts might be my favorite. This kid was singing his little heart out in the shower when his dad entered the bathroom. Wearing a scary mask and carrying a cup of water, his dad quickly hurled the cold water into the show and waited for his son to react. The kid screams as his father slides open the glass door and stares him down with a mask. High-pitched screams ensue and all is right with the world. The kid also slipped and fell in the tub but he was fine and that’s the cost of a dad prank. Shrugs.

Merry Christmas Kids. Now Learn An Important Lesson


This dad might have created the perfect lesson mixed with a prank. He wanted to show his kids that they haven’t been very appreciative during the holidays. He wrapped up everything in their room so they would understand that literally everything they own is thanks to their parents. I don’t know if his kids learned a valuable lesson but my children would love tearing open all of that wrapping paper. Either way, this is sometimes the best way a dad can teach his children valuable lessons while still acting like the goofy old man he has become.

Seriously Dad? Are You Still In College?


I haven’t written on a passed out person’s face since college. I mean let’s be clear, it’s only because I haven’t had the opportunity. This dad realized his daughter was passed out on the couch and he jumped into action. Dad even managed to put a marker drawing on her eyelids which is an impressive win. I’m hoping beyond belief that his daughter woke up, realized she had to be somewhere, and ran out of the house without first walking in front of a mirror. Great job dad.

Your Baby Sister Is Waiting In The Car


This dad and mom team told their son that his baby sister was already in the car waiting to go for a drive. After he hopped in the car, the creepy creature to the left was revealed. The kid freaked out and starting screaming and crying. He composed himself enough to ask where his little sister really was. Their response? “That is your baby sister.” If this kid doesn’t have a relationship with his sibling 10 years from now, I totally understand where he’s coming from.

The Short Bandits Are Back At It


Another dad and another pair of short shorts. At least this guy had the common decency to wear a pair of what appears to be bicycle shorts under his less-than-appropriate clothing choice. I love that he called out his daughter by writing on the back of his jacket and ended his note with “Soo cute!!” Remember kids, us dads will stop at nothing to prove a point. Sure mom might sit you down and explain things but we’re much more in your face and have very little shame.

And His Child Never Pooped Again


Imagine opening the toilet in your house only to discover that your dad is stuck inside of the seat! This dad printed out a high-quality picture of himself and placed it in the toilet bowl. He executed this prank so perfectly that I didn’t realize it was a printed photo at first. I’m sure his kid had a laugh after they realized what dad had accomplished. This is why children need mom around to keep them grounded when dad is acting like a hilarious weirdo.

Dad: Telling It Like It Is


When dad paints the house you never know what will happen. I’m sure a photo was taken and then the job was finished. A large part of me really hopes this was left there at least a few days before dad completed the job. This is also a super simple prank — you just need some paint, a paintbrush, and a child who is a total dork. When your dad starts calling you out like this he’s either the most awesome parent ever or really hates your Star Wars addiction.

Help Me Survive!


I get it, kids are horrible drivers who probably shouldn’t be on the road. Instead of just stating the obvious, this dad took a photo while teaching his daughter how to control a vehicle. While not the most original dad prank I’ve ever seen, the look on his face pretty much sums up the lengths dads will go to for a laugh. Actually, I’m not sure he is acting in this photo… have you ever been forced to drive with someone who only has a permit? Terrifying!

Daddy Manson


Yes, that is Marilyn Manson covering his face and that is absolutely his real-life father with the musician’s makeup on. It turns out that our dads will prank us whether we are young, old, and even famous. Manson thought this prank was hilarious but it’s obvious that he was also a little shocked…and that’s not something easily accomplished with the king of shocking music videos and theatrical performances. At least we know who gave him the stage presence he commands to this very day.

A Lesson Learned


I’ve featured this photo a few times on Dad Patrol because it speaks to the level of communication dads have with their kids. This guy’s daughter was looking to go out with friends and he wanted to make sure she didn’t speed. If the orange line disappears she is going too fast. I’m hoping this got the point across because it was right in her face the entire time. Want to see if your kids ever listen to anything you say? Try out this trick on your own.