Dads Who Are Setting Their Kids Down The Right Path

Dad, you the real MVP.

Dads will always mean something to you, especially when they are being annoyed or irrational, or when they’re giving life advice when you least expect it. Not only that, they teach you important things about love, jobs, money, and relationships. When it comes to the time you move out of college, they won’t cry in front of you, but once they get into the car and drive off, it’s all waterworks. Whether it’s something you made for them as a kid and wear it on your special day or the perfect Halloween costume, these dads are winning the parenting game.

Do You Want To Build A Snowman?

Father of the year right there, folks. We see lots of dads dress up for their daughters. If their daughter’s favorite movie is Frozen, dad will likely have to dress up as Anna. That could win them best father-daughter costume at the elementary school Halloween dance.

Thanks, Dad, Love You Too

Your dad is waiting for you to say thank you. As much as he loves you and pays for Netflix, being a suck up won’t do much. Chances are, if you fail a test or are acting up at school and he finds out, good luck trying to watch the latest episode of Riverdale since he changed the password.

Girl Advice 101

Girls like confidence and that’s a fact. It’s always nerve-wracking trying to find that confidence just to say hi to a girl. Nonetheless, this dad is here to save the day.

The Truth About Raising Girls

A dad who loves video games doesn’t seem to mind this. Having daughters is a little different than a son, and one big difference is your little girls give your toenails a nice coat of nail polish. He probably doesn’t care since he’s probably in an online battle over a game of NBA 2K18.


Pineapple Dad

This dad actually went viral on Reddit. Why? Well, do you notice the pineapple he’s holding? That’s pretty much why. His daughter took it upon herself to frame this prolific photo in their house, showing off to everybody that pride clearly runs in this family.

Donuts Over Pregnancy

Clearly, this dad knows what’s much more important in life. It’s almost as if Lisa Simpson is having a conversation with Homer, who loves the dessert snack more than anything.


When life gets you in the dumps, try to find positivity. If you’ve gone through a rough patch and need some optimism, this dad is the perfect example. He spent weeks making this painting after being in the dumps. No matter how good or bad our lives can be, always look on the bright side.

Surfs Up!

Okay, this might look photoshopped, but it’s not. That’s former surfer Sion Milosky taking his daughter out on the waves. Even before he passed on, Milosky made sure his daughter got to experience what he did for a living. Hopefully, his daughter will follow in her father’s footsteps.

Savage Punishment

What a savage this dad is. Whatever his daughter did to have her phone confiscated, this is such a troll. Oh geez, remember when punishments used to be worse? This is comedic gold right here.

How To Live Your Life, Courtesy Of Dad

While dad is napping, the kids are living their lives to the fullest. It won’t be long before they splash him with water during his afternoon nap. He might get a little upset, but he’s just showing his kids how to have fun and live their life like there’s no tomorrow.

Dad’s Way Of Saying He’s Proud Of You

You wouldn’t be surprised to see your parents at your graduation ceremony, but this dad never forgets. His son never expected him to wear a Pok√©mon tie which he made for his dad when he was younger. Most childhood projects make it onto the fridge, but this project was kept for a long time.

Suspended? You’re Not Grounded

This dad is proud of their kid. Sure, they might have acted up in class, which would generally lead to most dad’s grounding their kid for a week. Turns out all you need is a good explanation to get out of any trouble.

Start Them Young

Poor kids. They don’t even realize that the controllers aren’t plugged in. That won’t stop their dad from showing them the ropes to whatever game he’s playing. When the kids are old enough to play, they will want to challenge their old man for a best-of-seven video game tournament.

Teaching Your Kids A Valuable Lesson

A lesson for all kids out there. There will be a day where you have to buy groceries and push your own cart. This little one is ahead of the game despite her age. She’s going to show up all the boys in college when it comes to grocery shopping.

Don’t Tell Dad What To Do

All dads have a sense of humor, even this one who isn’t going to take anything from their kid. It’s all good and fun here since dad is only teasing, but still mildly concerning, right?

Reading Is Important

Give a hoot and read a book. Our parents spent most of their time taking care of us when they aren’t working. Even after a long work day, this dad still knows his daughter is important. Not only that, he went out of his way to make sure she got her daily dose of reading.

Future Farmer In The Making

How cute is this? The little one is already learning how to drive a mini tractor before he even turns 16-years old. That’s one proud dad on the actual tractor. He’ll weep tears of joy when his boy is old enough to drive the tractor around the farm on his own.

When Dad Knows Abbreviations

High five to this dad for keeping up with the times. Despite their age, they know a thing or two about those abbreviations we toss in our messages. I don’t know many people, let alone dads, who would know what ‘lshidmtamyfo’ even means. Most parents would think you’re on something and speak gibberish.

Tea Time

Dad’s who do this are the real MVP. They don’t care how manly they are when it comes to tea time with their daughter. At least he saved himself the embarrassment by having to wear a fake crown over his head. This will be cute once his daughter has her first legal drink.

Never Too Old To Do This

Kids will stay kids, no matter how old they get. That is a picture that they should save into their family album. Better yet, if they can find a photo similar to this when the son was younger, that would make one awesome throwback photo to share on their Instagram account.