Dads Who Failed Gloriously At Dressing Their Kid

From color coordination issues to not understanding how to layer clothing, dads have proven many times over that they are not competent when it comes to choosing an outfit for their kiddos and getting them ready to head out for the day. As a father of three, I’m well aware of the trials and tribulations of a task that I sometimes fail to master, despite my best efforts.

These dads failed horribly at dressing their children and the results are both hilarious and a little bit sad.

You Sent Her To School In What?


Jeremy had two jobs to do, get his daughter dressed for daycare and deliver his daughter to her caretakers for the day. After sending this adorable photo to his wife, only after dropping off his daughter, he realized the error of his ways. Jeremy’s wife was quick to point out that overalls require a shirt to be worn underneath. I’m sure his baby’s daycare instructors probably found the humor in this dad fail. Sadly, this wasn’t the only dad to make a similar mistake as we’ll soon find out in our next hilarious example.