Exhausted Dad Installed Two Baby Gates And They Did Nothing

Wesley Quilty was sure he could outsmart his young toddler by installing multiple baby gates to the door in her bedroom. He was wrong.

On his YouTube page, Quilty says, “My 2-year-old started climbing her single stair gate, now and then, so I thought I would put two up. So the next night I hear a bang [and] her elder sister said ‘how did you get out?’ So I put her back to bed, went downstairs and then thought I’m going capture her escaping. Didn’t realize I got her mid-climb. Hahahah.”

Quilty installed the first gate at the bottom of the door and then placed the second gate directly above it. Only a small gap was left at the top of the gates.

His little girl didn’t like the idea of being trapped behind bars and decided to attempt a rather daring escape.

Dad funny moment with baby gates.jpg

Only a short time after installing the second gate, Quilty heard his daughter crying and decided to record what would happen next. Within seconds, his toddler used some impressive gymnastic-like skills to scale the structure.

Dad’s reaction was perfect!

Funny Dad Moments.jpg

Not only did she scale the two-fence structure, she also pulled off a brave flip over the top of the gates and then executed a rather smooth descent down the other side.

Even as his daughter cries out for “daddy” he can’t help but laugh at his daughter’s daring maneuver.

Toddler Scales multiple baby gates.jpg

The YouTube video was posted on June 11, 2017, and has started going viral after it was picked up by several news publications.

Watch the entire hilarious scene unfold in the video below: