Girl’s Birthday Gift To Her Father Leads To An Incredible Family Revelation

Getting your father a birthday present isn’t always the easiest of tasks. If you’re old enough, you probably want to get him something meaningful, rather than some drawing you made in elementary school. This is the situation that Robin Gonsalves found herself in when choosing a present for her dad, John. While she eventually chose what she thought was the perfect gift, little did she know that it would change her and her father’s life forever.

He Had A Birthday Coming Up

New Jersey resident John Gonsalves was turning 59, and his daughter Robin wanted to get him a gift that he would never forget. 59 is a big year!

Birthday Coming Up
Elianna Mintz/YouTube
Elianna Mintz/YouTube

So, she knew this would be the perfect birthday to get her father something different other than the gifts that most fathers receive from their kids on their birthday. No more hats or grilling tongs, she was going to do something truly special.