Honest Adult Reviews Of Today’s Top Kid Shows

So you want to sit down and watch your kids’ shows with them? For a lot of parents, the shows are pretty brutal. Many early learning shows are more focused on teaching your child a lesson rather than entertaining an adult.

But there are some magical shows out there than can be pleasing to both parent and child. What makes them great? A mixture of inside jokes meant for parents, lessons that make raising your kid a little easier, and some hummable tunes. Here are some adult-focused reviews of today’s top kid shows.

Sesame Street

The list begins with the all-time leader in entertaining children. The show has been shaping young minds since 1969 and somehow continues to be relevant today. The show also manages to tackle sensitive subjects with an easy compassion it’s long been known for.

AP Photo/Sesame Workshop
AP Photo/Sesame Workshop

Sesame Street also makes sure to entertain parents as well. There’s are frequent inside jokes that go over kids’ heads but not Mom and Dads. Each show also features guest stars who will be well known to Mom and Dad.