Kid-Friendly Music Festivals The Whole Family Can Enjoy In 2018

With summer approaching, it’s almost time for music festival season. What’s not to love about watching live music, spending time with friends, eating great food, and getting away from the daily grind for a weekend? Unfortunately for parents, music festivals don’t always seem like the most family-friendly events — but think again! If you have kids, there’s no reason you can’t partake in the festivities with your little one too. Lots of music festivals are making sure the events are as kid-friendly as possible so nobody has to miss out. From free tickets for kids to entire stages dedicated to children, these are the best kid-friendly music festivals in the U.S.

New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival — New Orleans, LA

The New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival, or simply “Jazz Fest,” is a celebration of the music and culture of New Orleans. The genres of music range from Cajun music, Latin, rock, gospel and more, with notable past performance including Stevie Wonder, Neil Young, Beck and countless others. The festival is held during the last weekend of April and includes food, crafts, and other attractions.

For children, there is a large kid’s area within the festival grounds since bringing your kids to concerts in New Orleans is just as a part of the culture as feasting on Cajun food. “Jazz Fest, Jr.” is an area that helps give the kids attending a genuine festival experience with music, puppeteers, dance troupes, and their very own kids’ tent along with six others.