Mother-In-Law Secretly Changes Newborn’s Name And The Internet Is Furious

In-laws get a bad reputation, and in the case of one new mom and her mother-in-law, that frustration is more than justified. The new mom, nicknamed Mama Bear, wrote into the advice column at Slate magazine with a unique situation. She found out that the middle name she and her husband had agreed upon for their child was changed behind her back, and that it was her mother-in-law’s doing.

The mother-in-law definitely stepped over the line but as we soon found out, she wasn’t the only one to blame.

It Wasn’t A Simple Mistake

A new mother looks after her premature baby
BSIP/UIG/Getty Images
BSIP/UIG/Getty Images

When Mama Bear went to file away her 2-month-old son’s birth certificate and Social Security card, she was shocked to find that his middle named was spelled “Finlay” instead of “Finley.” Even though it was a one-letter difference, Mama Bear knew something was up.

Mama Bear and her husband had specifically agreed upon the middle name on the condition it was spelled with an ‘E’. The new mom was pretty confused at first and knew it wasn’t just a simple typo.