Overweight Dad Gets In Shape For His 3 Kids And His Transformation Is Insane

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39-year-old dad, Jeremiah Peterson, recently turned his life around after not only losing a ton of weight but also turning his dad bod into a fab bod. Seriously, 18-year-old guys would be jealous of seeing what this guy has achieved.

Peterson was hiking with his three children in Montana in early 2017 when he suddenly realized his physique was holding him back.

“Instead of remembering all the good memories we had made on this trip all I can remember is this one thing that kept playing in my head over and over again,” Jeremiah explained on his Instagram. “I found myself running out of breath and having to take breaks way before my 9, 7, and 6-year-old kids.”

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During that trip, he decided it was time for a change and quickly turned to a keto diet and daily exercise.

Peterson doesn’t mince his words when explaining how he made a major change in his lifestyle. “Don’t be afraid of it, don’t hide from it. Stare your fat ass in the face and choose who is going to win.”

After deciding to make a change he spent nearly two hours hiking and an hour in the gym every single day. In only six months he jumped from a size 42 waist to size 33 jeans. If you want to keep track based on his weight that’s 82 pounds lost in just six months.

This is what dedication looks like.

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Dad Patrol spoke with Jeremiah who offered some simple and honest advice, “The honest to God Truth is you got to do the work. If you don’t do the work don’t expect the results.”

And a lot of hard work is exactly what he accomplished. Jeremiah says he completed about two 40 minute hikes every single day and engaged in one hour of weight training at lunch. Starting in August 2017 he started on his Keto diet. The diet, he explained, is “high in healthy fats, lean proteins, and green veggies.”

“I did isolated body part lifts 5 days a week. Some weeks I felt and saw tremendous change…some weeks felt like I was working my tail off for nothing.”

Through the ups and downs, he never lost his motivation and kept pushing forward for himself and his three young children.

After going viral, Jeremiah admitted that he went from “having a real dadbod to having a college kid’s physique.”

We couldn’t agree more with his transformation statement

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“Since going from fat to lean it’s made everything better, my hair and skin look healthier, you can see my jawline instead of chubby cheeks and I have abs,” he added.

At the end of the day, this dad admits it was all about doing right by his family. “It transforms not only your physical self but the way you think and feel, as well as the future you want for your family. I know if I can do it anyone can.”

If you’re a good dad you know that this type of transformation isn’t about something you can do for yourself but rather something you can do for your kids.

About 12 months ago I personally came down with an “unknown” virus that put me on several drugs and caused me to gain 50 pounds in half a year. Also as the dad to three children, this image really hit home for me as I start on my own weight loss journey once again.

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Great job Jeremiah and for all you overweight and unhealthy dads out there, look back on this story when you need some motivation because it’s amazing what you can accomplish in six months.

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