Parenting Hacks That Make You Feel Like A Nifty Genius

Parenting is hard work. The restless nights, the tantrums, frantically searching for your child in Walmart because you turned away your attention for less time than it takes to blink. Whether you’re balancing life with one child or a dozen, simplifying the moments you spend with your kids is always a smart decision. These parenting hacks will make you realize you’ve been parenting all wrong. Some of our hacks will save you time and others will save you money and possibly even your sanity.

When you get to #8 you’ll wonder why you ever took down your child’s crib.

Bathtime Just Became A Lot Less Drowny

I feel the need to say, please don’t think my headline justifies leaving your little one alone in the bathtub. However, a simple clothes basket can make managing their bathtime a whole lot easier. Your little bundle of joy will be able to more easily grab at their bathtime toys and will avoid sliding around like they’re playing with a porcelain slip and slide. As an added bonus, it’s pretty adorable to see a little toddler playing in the bathtub in a clothes basket. Our next parenting hack will also help keep bathroom time less messy and easier to manage with your limited time.