Parenting Hacks That Make You Feel Like A Nifty Genius

Parenting is hard work. The restless nights, the tantrums, frantically searching for your child in Walmart because you turned away your attention for less time than it takes to blink. Whether you’re balancing life with one child or a dozen, simplifying the moments you spend with your kids is always a smart decision. These parenting hacks will make you realize you’ve been parenting all wrong. Some of our hacks will save you time and others will save you money and possibly even your sanity.

When you get to #8 you’ll wonder why you ever took down your child’s crib.

Bathtime Just Became A Lot Less Drowny

I feel the need to say, please don’t think my headline justifies leaving your little one alone in the bathtub. However, a simple clothes basket can make managing their bathtime a whole lot easier. Your little bundle of joy will be able to more easily grab at their bathtime toys and will avoid sliding around like they’re playing with a porcelain slip and slide. As an added bonus, it’s pretty adorable to see a little toddler playing in the bathtub in a clothes basket. Our next parenting hack will also help keep bathroom time less messy and easier to manage with your limited time.

Help Those Little Arms Reach For Clean Water

Helping your little bundle of joy reach a new level of independence should be at the top of your parenting list. Before potty training even begins a good parent knows their child should learn how to clean their own hands. The biggest challenge? They can’t always get their hands under the faucet to clean away all of those pesky germs. Thankfully, you can transform an old plastic bottle into a fun and inventive water collecting tool. You can buy similar products at many local retailers or online but why not upcycle some old plastic you were just going to throw away after it was emptied. Wait until you see how easy giving your little one medicine can be when done right.

Just A Spoonful Of Innovative Thinking Makes The Medicine Go Down

If you’ve ever had a feverish child who refuses to take their needed dose of medicine, you know how awful it can sometimes feel to be a desperate parent. This quick thinking mom knew their child loved their pacifier and they threw together this awesome hack. Simply place the dispenser in the back of the pacifier and allow your child to suck out the included medicine. If this doesn’t work you can always ask the doctor for a repository and hopefully, your child will get the point during their next dose. Our next trick will allow your children to grow into large clothes, something that will save you money in the long-run.

Use A Barrette To Fix Loose Tank Top Straps

This is two parenting hacks in one. First, if you buy your children clothing that is slightly too large, you’ll spend less money on new clothes when they grow out of them surprisingly quickly. Second, a simple barrette can easily tighten loose straps while keeping your child’s clothes on them as they play. Going out for a bite to eat and you want to give them a quick and cute look? Just grab the barrette and put it in your child’s hair. Feel free to send us a check after this trick saves you hundreds of dollars over the next few years. Our next hack is so simple you’ll complete setting it up in a matter of seconds.

A Baby Bib Holder Is Simple And Effective

Just grab a commander hook or any other type of sticky hook and throw it on the back of your baby’s highchair. No more hunting down baby bibs with this simple trick. Just make sure you have a big hook because you’ll be amazed how many bibs a small child will go through on a weekly or even daily basis. This is also a great hack if you just want to store kitchen hand towels for your own personal use. Do you have mischievous little children who lock themselves in various rooms? Our next hack can be accomplished with a single item you probably have laying around your home.


A Simple Rubber Band Jailbreak Tool

Do you have a child or multiple children at home who keep locking themselves in bathrooms, bedrooms, and other random places in your home? This trick is the easiest way we have found to stop that accident. Simply rope a rubber band around two doorknobs and the middle section will hold back the doors closing mechanism. You might lose a little bit of privacy of your own but let’s be honest, it’s better than the destruction your child will create after realizing they are stuck in a single room in your home. Afraid of losing your children in public? It’s time to give them a tattoo!!!

A Tattoo That Could Reunite You With A Lost Child

Do your children manage to disappear without any trace the second you turn your head away from their general vicinity? The company Tottoos has come up with a unique way to keep your children a little more safe. Place a lost message on each tattoo alongside your home or cell phone number. If your child is lost and someone wants to help, they can phone the number on the tattoo and return the child to their rightful home. Just keep in mind that your phone number will also be broadcast to anyone in public so you’ll have to weigh the cost-benefit of using this cheap and simple parenting hack. Have an old crib laying around your home? Check out the next fun and creative hack…

From Sleeping To School Time

A child’s crib is often their safe place as they grow older but eventually they grow out of that personal space. Many parents will take their crib apart and store it until another child possibly comes around in the future. Why not use that crib as a desk instead? You can store supplies in the crib and it provides enough workable space for two small children with two child-sized chairs. Throw in some blackboard contact paper and the new desk also becomes a creative workshop and interactive space for your children. We also get that popsicles melt and they’re sticky so we present you with this next easy trick…

Stop Sticky Messes With A Coffee Lid

Does your child love to eat popsicles on a hot day? Of course, they do! But it can be a real pain when they eat so slowly that half the popsicle melts away. Want to avoid the effort it takes to find a bathroom just so you can clean off their hands? Sick and tired of carrying around enough wet wipes to wash the hands of a small army? This enterprising parent realized that a coffee cup lid can help slow the spread of sticky goodness. Just make sure your child doesn’t dump the spilled liquid onto their clothing after their finished with a special treat! And now for a cool trick you can pull off with your pack and carry playpen.

Turn Your Pack And Carry Into A Safe Outdoor Play Area

The pack and carry playpen is an amazing invention for parents on the go who want a safe place for their child to play. Simply pack up the playpen in an included carrier and off you go. It’s also the perfect option for those times when you want to work in the garden or enjoy some outdoor time. Place a fitted sheet over the pack and carry and your child will be protected by mosquitos and shaded from the hot Summer sun. When you’re all finished just back up the playpen and you’re ready for a new adventure. These playpens are not cheap so why not get as much use out of them as possible? Want to save your children from some potentially dangerous bumps on their head while sleeping? We’ve got you COVERED with our next tip.

No More Little Monkeys Falling Off The Bed

Despite our attempt at humor, this won’t actually keep your little monkeys from falling out of bed if they are jumping around like lunatics. However, this is a proven parenting hack that can keep your littles out of harm’s way as they sleep. Simply pull up the fitted sheet on your child’s bed and add a pool noddle as a barrier. As they roll around in their sleep they should be interrupted by the pool noodle. Use this trick on floor level beds and bunk beds to be a little more confident in the safety of your child as they sleep. Want your children to keep all of their fingers and toes? Check out our next door-based hack.

Avoid Door Slamming Ouchies

Are you worried that your child is going to lose a finger because they slam doors all over the house? This is a big problem for many parents and there is a simple and affordable solution. Grab a large pool noodle and cut it open. Slide the noodle over the side of the door, out of your child’s reach. If they attempt to slam a door and their fingers are in the way, the pool noodle will save you a trip to the emergency room. Please make sure you buy noodles big enough that they leave an opening in the door that is big enough for your child’s finger size. And next up, a trick for avoiding spending all your money on toilet paper…

Stop Buying A Billion Dollars In Toilet Paper Every Month

For some reason, children believe they need to use half a roll of toilet paper every time they use the potty. If you’re lucky a two to three piece rule will work. If your children just don’t get it, try using this trick. It turns going to the potty into a fun game with an end goal. If this still doesn’t work, maybe you should reconsider your ability to teach your kid how to use the toilet. Worst case scenario you get to teach them about success and failure at a nice young age. Are you a bit of a germaphobe? Our next hack is super simple and cheap.

A Pacifier Storage Unit

Do you constantly find yourself sanitizing pacifiers because they end up in disgusting places? Many parents on their second or third child just give up and wash the pacifier off with their own mouth. Ewww right? Why not use a condiment cup to store your child’s pacifiers. Their favorite boopy stays clean until it’s needed and you can rest assured that your child isn’t ending up with as many unknown germs. More worried about messes than germs? Starbucks is to the rescue with our next parenting hack.

A Less Messy Way For Your Children To Paint

Want to make sure your child doesn’t splatter paint all over your dining room? Use those frappuccino cups you keep buying at Starbucks and less-spill paint containers are at your disposal. Sure they might still fling their paintbrushes all over the house but at least spilling the containers won’t be a big concern. Every cup is clear which ensures easy access to their favorite colors and each paintbrush will sit up nice and straight with easy access to grabbing them as needed. Next up, an actual reason to pull your old DVD’s out of storage ahead of your next family trip.

A Recycled DVD Coloring Case

Do you have a bunch of old DVDs sitting around that you never watch? With Amazon Prime, Netflix, and other streaming services, many people have DVD cases that are collecting dust. If you’re heading on a road trip you can convert those cases into portable coloring cases. Your child will have easy access to their colored pencils and a nice surface to allow their imagination to run wild. Don’t want to part with your own DVD cases? Many stores sell these simple plastic containers for $1 or less. And up next is another great use for your clothes baskets.

The DIY Clothes Basket Playpen

We’ve used them in the bathtub so why not dry off the clothes basket and turn it into a DIY playpen or chill area for kids of all ages? Throw in a small pillow for comfort and your children will find ways to amuse themselves for hours in their new playpen. Make sure you are using a sturdy basket to avoid breaking it. Kids love to play in cardboard boxes all hours of the day and this is a more elegant option that won’t fall apart after a few hours of rowdy playtime. Want your toddler to enjoy art? All you need is a ziplock bag, some paint, and some tape. Wait until you see the next awesome and simple hack.

A No-Spill Paint Bag For Your Toddler

Place three dollops of paint in a ziplock bag and tape that bag to your child’s play area. They can move the paint around with their fingers while avoiding any type of mess. The best part? When they are finished with their design they can mix up the paint and start all over. Kids love repetition and squishy things so this is a great item to work on their motor coordination and develop their tactile abilities. Sometimes the most simple parenting hacks are the best! Our next hack will give your child some added independence which is awesome for their development.

Let Your Child Put Their Own Shoes On The Right Feet

You can draw a monster on the inside of your child’s shoes or use two parts of the same sticker to show them which shoe goes on which foot. When your child matches up the creation hidden on the inside of their shoe soles, they will know the right shoe is going on the correct foot. As an added bonus, your children will love the independence this hack gives them and you’ll save time while attempting to head out the door. And next is a simple trick that will turn your pizza box into an upcycled plate for each of your children.

Recycle Your Pizza Boxes As Kid Friendly Plates

If you have more than one child you know the dishwashing struggle is real. This friendly tip will help you save on the dishwashing while making sure your fridge space isn’t sacrificed because of a few leftover slices. If the cardboard is good enough to hold your food during delivery, it’s good enough to eat off when you’re watching a Netflix movie with your kiddos. It will only take a few seconds to tear up the pizza box and that’s a lot faster than going through the dishwashing routine that shouldn’t be required when enjoying finger food.