Proof That Dad Brain Exists

Ah, dad brain. Never heard of it? That’s because moms usually get all of the mom brain glory. But if you’re a dad, you know that dad brain is indeed a real thing. Dad brain is that fuzzy, spaced-out feeling that suddenly appears after you have kids. If you suffer from dad brain, don’t feel bad. Just take a look at these men experiencing #DadBrain in full force.

That’s Not Where That Goes

When putting the groceries away, this dad unloaded his wife’s body wash into the fridge. When she asked him why, his only response was, “because refreshing.” In his defense, citrus is technically a food, but there is no doubt that this is dad brain in action.

Judging by his hashtags, he has an extra excuse. Raising a kid is enough to give any guy #DadBrain, but raising a kid and being a full-time grad student? I don’t even want to think about that.