Proof That Dad Brain Exists

Ah, dad brain. Never heard of it? That’s because moms usually get all of the mom brain glory. But if you’re a dad, you know that dad brain is indeed a real thing. Dad brain is that fuzzy, spaced-out feeling that suddenly appears after you have kids. If you suffer from dad brain, don’t feel bad. Just take a look at these men experiencing #DadBrain in full force.

That’s Not Where That Goes

When putting the groceries away, this dad unloaded his wife’s body wash into the fridge. When she asked him why, his only response was, “because refreshing.” In his defense, citrus is technically a food, but there is no doubt that this is dad brain in action.

Judging by his hashtags, he has an extra excuse. Raising a kid is enough to give any guy #DadBrain, but raising a kid and being a full-time grad student? I don’t even want to think about that.

Coffee Is An Antidote To #DadBrain…If You Can Remember To Take It Off Your Car

For coffee lovers, one of the worst things possible is forgetting to take your coffee off the counter when you leave for work in the morning. What’s worse is remembering to grab it, only to forget it on top of your car before you drive away.

Another cup of coffee falls victim to #DadBrain. Caffeine is one of the few antidotes to this condition…but you have to remember to take it off your car.

Panic Attack By Dad Brain

Is there anything worse than not knowing where your child is? That horrifying moment you realize your child is missing and feeling a surge of panic is something no parent should have to deal with.

Oh, what? My daughter has been in my arms this entire time while I was frantically looking for her? Thanks, dad brain, that panic attack definitely took 10 years off of my life. I hate you.

Dad Brain Means Forgetting The Basic English Language

One of the tell-tale signs you have dad brain is forgetting simple words you learned in grade school. You know, like the word “spoon.”

This exhausted dad can’t remember what a spoon is called so he just went with the first word his brain spat up: furniture. He’s not entirely wrong. I mean a spoon is a utensil which is kinda of like furniture? Okay, he’s wrong. I just hope he gets to take a nap soon.

Dad Brain Strikes Again

Getting ready in the morning is hard enough already. Throw in a kid or two plus #DadBrain and getting ready is almost impossible some days.

At least this dad managed to get one left shoe and one right shoe. Not every dad suffering from dad brain can manage this simple feat.

Dad Brain Means Feeling Strange But Just Accepting It

Ok, this dad and the last dad should 100% be friends. Then maybe, just maybe, they could help each other out in the shoe department when dad brain strikes.

On one hand, I’m impressed that this dad managed to grab a complete pair of shoes. On the other hand, I’m not sure how he didn’t realize his mistake for a few hours. This would be so uncomfortable, but being a dad means getting used to feeling weird. This is a serious case, I tell you.

I Have No Idea What You’re Talking About

One of the benefits of #DadBrain is accidentally inventing a new snack. Sure, this dad may have intended to top his baguette with cherry jam, but hey, salsa doesn’t sound too bad either.

Who knows, he could have just discovered his new favorite treat to shovel into his face when his kids are preoccupied for two minutes.

This Banana Fell Victim to Dad Brain

Instagram user @verhanika posted this image with a hilarious caption about her husband’s serious case of #DadBrain.

Her husband left this poor banana in her car. Then, when he exclaimed, “Hey, this is a really old banana!” she reminded him that he left it in her car. To make matters worse, when she asked him to throw it away, it only made it as far as the roof before it was discovered again.

RIP To The Profound Thoughts of Dads Everywhere

On any given day, I have no less than 500 incredibly profound thoughts. I swear! I could be the next Plato, Aristotle, Kant, or Socrates for all I know.

It’s not my fault I can’t remember any of of my incredible ideas. It’s the kids’ fault. They’re everywhere. Oh my god, there are kids everywhere.

That’s Not A Bottle

Instagram user @schoederclothing accidentally put a bottle nipple on an entire gallon of milk when trying to preparing a bottle for his infant daughter. But in a quick turn of events, he decided his #DadBrain moment actually looked kind of cool and left it.

This proves that dad brain isn’t always a bad thing. You might just invent something cool… ish. I’m not sure his wife will find this quite as amusing, but who knows.

I See Your Mom Brain And Raise You A Dad Brain

I think we can all agree that parenting brain is a thing. We’re all exhausted and losing our minds and running around for what seems like 24 hours a day. But moms tend to get all of the confused, spaced-out glory with #MomBrain.

This dad spoke on behalf of all of us tired fathers with this silly tweet. We too, feel like we are constantly on the verge of forgetting something.

So Close, Yet So Far

I already mentioned that coffee is one of the few antidotes to dad brain. But the thing is, actually getting the coffee into your face hole becomes a challenge after you have kids who demand every bit of your attention.

This tired dad was so close to getting some caffeine in his system. If only he could remember to put the coffee cup under the spout then maybe he would combat his case of #DadBrain. Oh well, better luck next time.

Dad Brain Is No Match For These Shoes

Instagram user @wardgibson dropped his baby off at grandma’s and then drove 20 minutes in rush hour traffic with his favorite shoes on the back on his truck. But somehow, luck was on his side today.

Not even dad brain was a match for these shoes, which somehow never fell off — although, they did signal to the other drivers that he was suffering from dad brain and should probably get off the road and take a nap ASAP.

When You Have Dad Brain While Grocery Shopping

Grocery shopping is already challenging enough. But when your wife asks you to pick up something in particular without specifying any details, it becomes an Olympic sport.

How was this dad supposed to know how many carrots his wife wanted him to grab? How was he supposed to know she didn’t want four months worth of carrots?! Maybe she was baking 20 carrot cakes? Or maybe she was going on an all-carrot-juice cleanse. In his defense, she should have clarified.


This dad was so close yet so far. He had his kid successfully up, dressed, and in the stroller. He even remember to pack and bring their baby backpack. Just when you think you have it all together, #DadBrain brings you back down to reality.

Unfortunately, he forget something important: his keys. Now, his wife has to come to the rescue…like she always does. This is dad brain in full effect.

7/8 Isn’t That Bad

This dad clearly has a lot on his hands with parenting not one, but four kids. I actually have second-hand #DadBrain just from looking at this picture.

I’m pretty proud of this dad for managing to score a 7/8 on the shoe success scale. Sure, the little boy second to the left has two right shoes on, and the other boy has mismatched shoes, but it could have but much, much worse.

That’s Not Flour

You know it’s a rough day when your #DadBrain makes you accidentally put coffee grounds in your kids’ waffle mix.

Although this dad might be on to something delicious, we’re not so sure his kids need to be extra hopped up on caffeine.

You Forget A Crucial Step

I forgot to add a trash bag to the diaper pail once. It was so traumatic that no matter how bad my dad brain got, I never did it again.

This dad is about to learn just how terrible (and gross) the consequences of dad brain really are. Godspeed, dad. We’ll be praying for you! At least these dirty diapers look somewhat neatly folded.

Diet Coke: Fueling Dad Brains Everywhere

Having #DadBrain is like having ADD times 1,000,000. Yes, it’s science. Case in point: this dad, whose brain is so tired he can’t for the life of him remember if he already opened a soda.

Perhaps he should replace the Diet Coke with a coffee so he can try to combat his serious case of newborn baby-induced dad brain.

This Sounds Like An HR Violation Waiting To Happen

Sometimes, #DadBrain and work life intersect. Just ask this dad, Josh Becker. You know you’ve got a serious case of dad brain when you start equating happiness with “going potty.”

I hope he didn’t actually say that out loud, and if he did, I hope it was a good friend of his and not some woman he’s barely spoken to. This is one of the times that dad brain can get you into some serious trouble.