Single Dad Confessions That Will Rip Out Your Heart And Stomp On It

I live at home with my wife and three children and I’m exhausted all the time. I have no idea how my kids haven’t gone Lord Of The Flies and taken over our home. I’m thankful that I work full-time to support my family and that my wife is far braver than me when it comes to caring for a group that outnumbers her. Unfortunately, not everyone has that same type of support network. When a relationship falls apart and one parent goes running for the hills, it’s the job and natural instinct formed out of love of the other parent to step up their game.

We hear a lot about single moms and their struggles but what about guys who are raising their kids on their own? From insecurities to triumphs, these single dads lay out their parenting lifestyle on the table for all of us to see.

I particularly love the Disney Princesses dad… What’s your favorite?

Raising Him To Be A Gentlemen

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When your 7-year-old son’s teacher says he pulls out chairs for the little girls in his class you’ve won as a parent. This single dad was ecstatic to learn that his own son is keeping chivalry alive. He wraps up his Whisper confession perfectly: See, single dad’s can raise kids right.