Single Dad Confessions That Will Rip Out Your Heart And Stomp On It

I live at home with my wife and three children and I’m exhausted all the time. I have no idea how my kids haven’t gone Lord Of The Flies and taken over our home. I’m thankful that I work full-time to support my family and that my wife is far braver than me when it comes to caring for a group that outnumbers her. Unfortunately, not everyone has that same type of support network. When a relationship falls apart and one parent goes running for the hills, it’s the job and natural instinct formed out of love of the other parent to step up their game.

We hear a lot about single moms and their struggles but what about guys who are raising their kids on their own? From insecurities to triumphs, these single dads lay out their parenting lifestyle on the table for all of us to see.

I particularly love the Disney Princesses dad… What’s your favorite?

Raising Him To Be A Gentlemen

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When your 7-year-old son’s teacher says he pulls out chairs for the little girls in his class you’ve won as a parent. This single dad was ecstatic to learn that his own son is keeping chivalry alive. He wraps up his Whisper confession perfectly: See, single dad’s can raise kids right.

His Child Comes First

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If you think the only insecurities single dads face involves the actual raising of their kid, you’re wrong. This dad sums up the single parenting life and dating scene in a single sentence. He’s absolutely right, dating as a single dad is hard because your first instinct is always to make sure your kids are loved and given the attention they need. The next dad on our list really proves that our child’s happiness comes first.

Being The Rock They Want And Deserve

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As a single dad, you have to handle the roles of teacher, provider, and friend. When this guy came out as gay to his father, there were no arguments or embarrassment. As his dad explains, “My son did a good job picking a handsome and respectable guy. I’m proud of him.” Our next dad’s please is really for all men with a child.

Ya, What This Single Dad Said

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I’m going to break this one down further and ask on behalf of dads everywhere. It’s really annoying when I’m out and about with my own kids and there is no suitable changing table in sight. When you’re a single dad there’s an even bigger chance you are left searching way too long for a place to change your kid’s diaper.

Dad’s Best Friend

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The moment you realize you’re winning at parenting. This dad obviously knows how to raise his daughter right and on his own. As a parent, I can tell you the small little victories like this are a big reward for the sleepless nights, ER visits, and tantrums that come along with raising a little bundle of joy.

The Disney Princesses Daddy

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Let’s not get off on a gendering rant here but this dad would win any gender arguments that could be made. His three daughters wanted to have a Disney Princesses theme so he got in on the act and dressed up like Snow White. Quick ladies, he might still be available. Let’s keep going to see how one dad is trying to shut down the double standard shared with single moms…

Thank You, YouTube

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I’m at a total loss when it comes to doing my daughter’s hair but this guy found a simple approach: he looks up hairstyles on YouTube, studies them, and then learns how to make his daughter look awesome when they are out in public. Single dads might have perspectives other dads don’t just out of necessity.

Can We Stop Making This Awkward

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Being a single parent, in general, can be isolating. Even in the 21st-century single moms are rumored to be “loose” and single dads are ostracized just for being guys. This dad admits that even something as simple as attending his son’s soccer matches and swim lessons can make him feel like a weirdo. We need a national, make friends with a single dad day. Plus, a single dad could raise a little boy like the next guy on our list…

You Can Share Mine…

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How to tell if you’re winning as a single dad 101. If your son tells your date’s daughter that she can borrow you because her own dad is gone, you’re winning at parenting. It doesn’t matter if a child has one or two parents, what matters is that they realize they’re loved. Period.

Sacrifices That Were Never Really An Option

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Imagine losing the love of your life and then realizing you are alone and must now raise a child. This single dad almost gave his baby daughter up for adoption, then he realized that his love could carry on and he could raise a little girl his wife would be proud of. I can understand the anxiety that comes not just with raising a little life but also moving on with your own like the next dad shows…

The Dating Struggle Is Real

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I don’t know how young this dad is but his confession speaks volumes to a young dating crowd that’s getting older before they decide to settle down. Does anyone else feel like, “I love kids” is the new era way of saying, “I’m not a heartless jerk?” because it feels that way sometimes.

No Going Back, Only Forward

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Our relationships help shape who we are. If you want to become a better, stronger, kinder man, being a single dad can help guide the way. Heck, even with a wife at home, my kids make me want to work hard, provide for them, and make sure they grow up feeling loved and like they can take on the world. The next single dad on our list wants all of us to break down the double standard for single moms…

A Double Standard

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The slut-shaming of single moms and the stares they get are really sickening so I was glad to see this single dad standing against that double standard. Can we all just agree that whether you’re raising your kids on your own as a mom or dad, it’s an incredibly tough and full-time job? It is. End of story.

Probably The Saddest Confession I Found

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This single dad’s confession is sad on so many levels. First, he’s working to provide a good life for his kid. Second, he has to leave the house every day with the realization that he could be killed in the line of fire. Third, his son doesn’t have a mom in his life which can only add to the daily heartbreak this brave officer must feel. Sigh.

The Cup Is Half Full

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Being responsible for another little life can really put your life into perspective. Raise your kids right, focus on their needs, and you’ll find the patience to get through anything in this life, as this dad so eloquently explains. You already have someone special in your life, let the rest take its course. Up next is another supportive dad who knows when to crack a joke…


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Embrace the moments that define your children and always make them feel special. This applies to single parents, foster parents, and just parents in general. The high five was a nice little touch. It might be time for a double date. Being a single dad doesn’t have to define who you are but moments like this sure will.

This Guy Is Winning At Prioritization

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In a way, I don’t feel sorry for single dads who have to deal with women who fail to understand that their child is their priority. When they eventually do find someone special to spend the rest of their life to, that woman is going to probably be a loving, caring, and compassionate wife and stepmom. Speaking of being the most important part of a single dad’s life, the next guy’s response is adorable…

You Have To Do What With Your Daughter’s Hair?

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It took me a few years but I have learned how to put a bow, headband, hair tie, and other accessories in my daughter’s hair. I have a wife at home who led the way but this single dad is figuring out on his own. The last part of his confession is what really matters, “… as long as it makes her happy.”

Hopefully, He’s A Good Cook

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This dad is holding out hope that he’ll find someone who completes his family. Here’s to hoping he’s a half-way decent cook so the extra plate full of food doesn’t scare his date away. You can be completely happy raising your kids and still find time for true love to come along and complete your little family. Up next, a single dad asks not to be defined by just his role as a parent.

Again, A Single Dad’s Kids Don’t Define Them

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If you happen to be dating a single dad please remember that they are more than just a father raising kids on their own. They have their own hopes, dreams, fears, etc. Just go with the flow, learn to love the one you’re with and the rest will happen naturally if it’s meant to be.

Lying For Love

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This is a bit of a double edge sword, probably caused by the abandonment of this single dad’s own relationship. As a father of three, I need my alone time and I sneak in time with my wife when we can both get away. It’s okay to let go a little bit but this guy’s love for his daughter is still heartwarming.

Skip The B.S.

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You might get over your ex-partner but don’t let anyone fool you into thinking that all you need is at home. There will likely be some emptiness when you realize you’re raising a child on your own. This single dad said what a lot of guys raising their kids on their own are probably thinking on a regular basis.

It’s All About Perspective

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Sometimes you just have to realize that being a single parent is tough but the alternative would have been bad for your own mental health and the well-being of your child. Being a single parent can be as easy or hard as you make it based on your own set of circumstances.