So Sweet: Musicians Who Wrote Touching Songs For Their Kids

Love is a major driving force behind creativity. Romance has led more than a few musicians to the Grammys (just ask Taylor Swift and the army of ex-boyfriends she left in her wake), but not all kinds of love are equal. There’s almost nothing on this planet more inspiring than the love a parent has for their children.

These musicians were all inspired to write touching songs for their kids. For Madonna, that meant wading into the inevitable territory of lending your teenager the keys to your car. For Will Smith, that meant watching 101 Dalmatians yet again. For another musician, the tragic loss of a kid helped them write a six-time Grammy award-winner. These touching songs will make you want to hug your mama and thank her for all the hard work.

Closing Time – Semisonic

“Closing Time” is a hallmark of the ’90s — and also the song that threw Semisonic into one-hit wonder fame. Though on the surface, the song appears to be about leaving a bar after last call, Dan Wilson, the band’s lead singer and songwriter, penned the hit about the birth of his child.

Credit: Ron Gallela / Ron Gallela Collection / Getty Images
Credit: Ron Gallela / Ron Gallela Collection / Getty Images

“Part way into the writing of the song, I realized it was also about being born. My wife and I were expecting our first kid very soon after I wrote that song. I had birth on the brain, I was struck by what a funny pun it was to be bounced from the womb,” he told American Songwriter.