These Dads Out-Dadded Even The Daddest Of Dads

Being a father is one of the most underappreciated jobs out there. It’s hard work, but well worth it. Between all the throw-up, mood-swings, and temper-tantrums, dads always find a way to have fun and that’s what makes them the best. These dads went into maximum-dad mode, and it is priceless.

No dad jokes or bad puns here. Okay, there are a few dad jokes. These are just some good old-fashioned dads trying to survive in the parenting world one day at a time, and we think they’re doing great, sweetie.

Nap Time Is Any Time

The most impressive thing you notice about your dad growing up is his ability to nap anywhere, anytime.

Photo credit: @skyler_nitschke / Twitter
Photo credit: @skyler_nitschke / Twitter

When you’re a kid, you wanted dad to wake up and play. But as soon as you move out, you finally begin to appreciate his napping abilities.

He Stumbled Into The Best Dad Joke

This dad accidentally thought a 60th birthday party was a ’60s-themed birthday party, and his mistake turned into the most dad thing ever.

Photo credit: @SammieMccomb / Twitter
Photo credit: @SammieMccomb / Twitter

These are the types of jokes other dads practice all their life to pull off, and he managed to do it on a whim. We salute you.

If Your Daughter Says Pigtails, You Get Pigtails

If your daughter wants you do play dolls, you do it. If she asks you to help her set out tea for her stuffed animals, you do it. And if she requests you wear matching pigtails, you figure out a way to do it.

Photo credit: @laguardiacross / Instagram
Photo credit: @laguardiacross / Instagram

Dads with daughters make more sacrifices in a day that most millennials make all year.

One Of The More Practical Pieces Of Dad Advice

Most dad advice is just pure sarcasm. Yes, dad, I know about the magical thing called “a turn signal,” stop making jokes about it. But this piece of advice might actually be helpful for kids growing up these days.

Photo credit: @thedad / Twitter
Photo credit: @thedad / Twitter

The internet is a harsh place, and if every child gets a participation trophy, then they are in for a shock once they get an Instagram account.

Baby Road Rage

Note to mothers, don’t let dad take the baby out alone very often. Some shenanigans may be going on without your permission but don’t worry, a video or picture was probably taken in order to show you. And once you get that picture, you can either fire him from taking the baby out alone or you can embrace it and make a meme out of it, like this.

Hopefully, they are not driving and just parked but you must admit, this is a pretty funny picture. It really looks like the baby is driving in a monster truck ready to smash over smaller cars with that facial expression.

Lead By Example

All the parenting books say to lead by example, but they’re talking about using “please” and “thanks.” This dad went the extra mile to potty train his kid.

Photo credit: @realest_ross / Instagram
Photo credit: @realest_ross / Instagram

We have to ask though, could he not have kept on his pants or underwear? He’s going to be pretty exposed if something goes wrong.

It Doesn’t Technically Count As A Leash

This has the be a universal man-tactic for how to seem responsible but get to nap at the same time. Tie the child to you, make sure there is nothing sharp within 6 feet, and close your eyes and relax.

Photo credit: JayMalyuk78 / Imgur
Photo credit: JayMalyuk78 / Imgur

I do the same thing when my puppy wakes me up at 5:30 AM and I want to nap on the couch.

This Saturday Morning Lowes Trip Went Horribly Wrong

This dad is so done with his kid. He was just trying to have a nice, Saturday-morning trip to get some lumber for a project he’ll never finish, and the kid had to ruin it.

Photo credit: FoxyGucci / Imgur
Photo credit: FoxyGucci / Imgur

He’s in maximum dad mode though, not even attempting to help his child out of the situation. Just standing, watching, waiting for the kid to realize his mistake.

An Honest Mistake

Okay, I have to side with the dad on this one and say that baby clothing can be super confusing. Those snaps on their onesies are hard to get done up. And what’s the point of having a one-piece item of clothing if you need to put a shirt underneath?

Photo credit: Brooke Hawley Basso / Facebook
Photo credit: Brooke Hawley Basso / Facebook

Dressing a child in the morning is hard enough without having the remember the rules of fashion.

Proof That The Flower Crown Looks Good On Anyone

Dads trolling daughters has become one of the best things to happen to the internet in a long time.

Photo credit: @iBuyMyOwnBebe / Twitter
Photo credit: @iBuyMyOwnBebe / Twitter

The best part is we all know that most dads are too paranoid to use the app and directly troll back, so they sent this picture through a separate text chat.

Bring Them Into Your Sports Fandom At A Young Age

True die-hard fans know that sports aren’t just for boys. So when Opening Day is just around the corner, you do your duty as a dad and sports fan and sew your daughter an Oakland A’s tutu. Plus, you’re learning essential skills for when she needs a custom leotard sewn for gymnastics.

Photo credit: @JasonKey4 / Twitter
Photo credit: @JasonKey4 / Twitter

Billy Beane would approve.

The Baby Looks Secure At Least

Does anyone really know how to work one of these contraptions? I’ve seen many moms try and fail at figuring these baby holders out, so I’m impressed this dad even figured out a way to secure his kid in one.

Photo credit: @dadsh1t / Instagram
Photo credit: @dadsh1t / Instagram

Dads: proving every day that parenting is just improvising.

Someone Disapproves Of The Boyfriend

Daughters might say they don’t need their dad’s approval to get married anymore, but that won’t stop dad from making sure his opinion is heard.

Photo credit: @Allison_Barron / Twitter
Photo credit: @Allison_Barron / Twitter

Thankfully this dad does approve and is in fact very close to his daughter’s new fiance. It doesn’t matter how amazing the boyfriend is; he’ll never be good enough for his daughter.

This Is Why Dads Should Be Banned From Snapchat

The dads that do venture onto Snapchat should be banned immediately. It’s a breeding ground for bad jokes and puns.

Photo credit: @rachel_mcclard / Twitter
Photo credit: @rachel_mcclard / Twitter

This dad has already put out funnier content in one Snap than Kylie Jenner does in a week. Seriously, there’s only so many times you can watch her swatch her eyeshadows.

Passing Out Before The Run Is Next-Level Exhaustion

You know you’re old when you have to take a nap before your run. This guy was mid-stretch when he channeled his inner dad skills and went straight into a nap.

Photo credit: brentf2000 / Reddit
Photo credit: brentf2000 / Reddit

He’s clearly just perfecting his yoga corpse pose. One of my personal favorites.

He’s More Dramatic Than A Teenage Girl

Kids may learn a lot from their parents, but this dad took a page out of his daughter’s “How To Be Dramatic” textbook.

Photo credit: @bitcoinjustine / Twitter
Photo credit: @bitcoinjustine / Twitter

Seriously, people say women over-react, but guys can be some of the most extra people out there. If you need any more proof, anytime a man gets a head cold they act like they’re dying.

The Ultimate Dad Joke

It’s almost as if the world is perfectly set up to make the ultimate dad jokes. They could have easily labeled this the “Frozen Section,” but someone out there said wait, let’s help a dad out in the future.

Photo credit: @paigealban23 / Twitter
Photo credit: @paigealban23 / Twitter

He saw his opportunity, he took it, and he made his wife photograph the entire thing. Iconic.

How To Piss Off Your Teenager 101

Back in the day, getting grounded meant you couldn’t leave your room. Now, you get your phone taken away and you’re cut off from the entire world. It must be torture.

Photo credit: @bailee_xox / Twitter
Photo credit: @bailee_xox / Twitter

Just to throw a little extra salt in the wound, this dad decided to taunt his daughter in a prehistoric way: a handwritten note.

Family Pets Need Some Love Too

It seems like everyone around you needs your undivided love and attention when you’re a dad. Wife, kids, work, it can be exhausting. Between it all, you also have to remember to make time for the family cat.

Photo credit: TastefullyOffensive / Tumblr
Photo credit: TastefullyOffensive / Tumblr

You may not be able to give her all the ear scratches she wants, but at least this dad gave her to art and culture to appreciate.

Taking Your Kid On A Plane Never Goes Well

The scariest thing any parent has to do in life is to take their child on a plane. All those times you were flying and had to endure a crying kid, you never stopped to think about how stressed the parents were.

Photo credit: @kristinsday / Instagram
Photo credit: @kristinsday / Instagram

Appreciate it while you can because no flying experience with a toddler ever goes well.

Taking Your Wife’s Instructions Way Too Literally

When his wife said “just put them straight to bed” he took it a bit too literally and didn’t even bother removing the child from their car seat. This is peak dad laziness.

Photo credit: @SpottedDemon / Twitter
Photo credit: @SpottedDemon / Twitter

Your wife can’t get mad when you technically did exactly what she told you to, right?

Who Needs Disney World With This Dad Around

A trip to Disneyland or Disney World can easily cost thousands of dollars. This dad figured out the perfect way to avoid those costs while still giving his kids the time of their lives. We’re not sure if this dad ride will pass federal safety regulations but their kids don’t seem to mind.

His wife may not have seen the funny side of this “ride” but the photo has gone viral on several occasions. Dads have their own unique view on the world and that just means their children discover new and exciting ways to try stuff in a different way.

A Child And A Beer

Our sub-heading isn’t as ominous as it sounds. This dad wanted to have some quality time with his child but he also wanted to enjoy a nice cold beer on a hot day. Using some out-of-the-box thinking he devised a simple but effective way to do both. The baby is having fun in its child swing and the dad is getting some rest and relaxation.

This is one of the most popular dads fails online but is it really a fail? Dad solved a problem that helped him out and made his kid happy — we consider this a daddy success.

The Cheerios Challenge

In 2016, the Cheerios Challenge went viral all over the internet. Parents attempted to stack the largest number of Cheerios on their baby’s head while the child was sleeping. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that a majority of participants in the Cheerios Challenge were men.

This dad fully mastered the art of Cheerio stacking and was proclaimed one of the best in the art form. It may have helped that this little child was able to sleep so soundly without waking up as dad stacked a ton of cereal pieces on its face.

This Gamer Dad Is Doing It Right

Believe it or not, having children doesn’t mean you need to change everything about your life to accommodate them. Kids, especially when they are very young, just want to be held and stay close to their parents.

This dad was on bottle duty but he also wanted to play his favorite video game. The only change he had to make in his life was learning how to hold a bottle, a baby, and a video game controller at the same time. Baby looks happy and dad gets to continue playing video games — it’s a win-win situation.

A New Way To Carry A Child?

There are certain daddy moments that make us question whether certain people should be raising children — this is one of those moments. This dad was in a supermarket when he decided to see if a plunger could be used to pick up his young son.


First, the plunger totally worked and the child was lifted off the ground. However, the dad didn’t stop to think whether or not the plunger might leave a mark. he also didn’t consider that the suction might give way and send his son flying hard into the supermarket floor.

Proving His Daughter Can Do Anything

Dads have a duty to their children to make sure they grow up believing they can do anything they set their mind too. This dad might have gone a little far by having his tiny little daughter push him around in a grocery store cart.


We have to hand it to this little girl, she’s really throwing everything she has into pushing her dad and a cart full of food around the grocery store. Dads love to show off their quirky side with their kids and they don’t care who watches them as they offer up their own take on the job of parenting.

A Bottle And A Beer

When your baby needs a bottle and you really want a beer at the restaurant there is a solution. This dad was so desperate for a cold one that he attached several straws together in an attempt to drink his beverage while his baby was busy drinking from her own bottle.


Also acceptable for this act would have been a twisty straw or someone else helping dad drink his beer. Of course, he could have just waited for his daughter to finish eating and then enjoyed his cold beer with a lot less outside of the box thinking.

This Dad Who Dropped His Daughter In A Foam Pit

Dads are often responsible for teaching their children to take chances in life. Whether it’s a chance on a new job or just trying something new, we learn how to move forward in life with help from other parents.


This dad was apparently attempting to teach his daughter a lesson about trust — and he failed miserably. Thankfully, they were swinging on a rope in a gym with a foam pit. We’re willing to bet this guys little daughter was a bit more cautious about the decisions she decided to make in the future.

Baby In A Dresser Drawer

If you want to play on the computer and your baby is in desperate need of a nap, you might want to take some advice (or not) from this dad. He prepared a sleeping area in the drawer of his desk. His little child gets to sleep and stay close to dad while he plays on the computer.

This dad definitely has a different take on what it means to be a responsible parent but he still manages to keep their child safe. This might be a dad fail in the eyes of some people but everyone is happy and healthy so that’s good enough for us.

This Dad Who Just Doesn’t Get It

This dad was shopping with his daughter when he realized there were a few household items that needed to be picked up. Rather than grabbing a shopping cart like any normal parent, he decided to just pile all his food needs on top of his daughter and her stroller.


The poor little girl can’t see where she’s going because she’s covered in milk and other household items. Sometimes dads don’t do the best job of thinking things through before they act — this dad proves that point perfectly and it’s hilarious.

The Hairstyling Struggle Is Real

When dads are asked to do their daughter’s hair it can be a real struggle. There are so many hairstyles to choose from and so many products that can be used for creating the perfect hairstyle.


This dad decided to skip all of the mainstream products and go right for the simple tie. While it might not be the most attractive option, his daughter’s hair was likely to stay in play throughout the entire day. Perhaps someone should actually invest a better-looking product specifically for this reason.

Time For A Skirt

We aren’t entirely sure how much of a fail you can label this one but at first glance, it is pretty funny. Dad holding hands with his child while walking down the pavement and wearing a skirt is a sight to be seen. Some may chuckle at first and others might pay it no mind at all.

But when you find out why he wore the skirt then he might receive your vote for father of the year. Fearing that his son would feel teased because of his clothing choices, Dad wore the skirt in support of him. Can someone say, Dad of the year?

Nothing The Tongue Can’t Fix

You know many parents hate when you waste food as a kid. They always try and make sure you eat everything you’re given. No food left behind. this dad takes it to the next level and leads by example. The ketchup, that’s right, the condiment happened to fall on his baby’s face ad he disregarded using a napkin.

The tongue came out in full effect ready to save that babies face from red 5. The child seems to be unbothered by the whole thing so that is a good sign. It could be that he or she is used to this type of behavior.

Don’t Add Your Dad On Facebook

Parents are supposed to be embarrassing. That is one thing you can’t change about them or avoid. The likelihood of them saying something or doing something you don’t want to say or do is greatly increased on social media. Just like with anyone online, they always feel it is easier to talk crazy while behind a screen. That means your Facebook posts are not safe.

This dad is living proof. His comment was a little suggestive but the daughter was sure to inform everyone that was indeed her dad making that comment.

Just Tell Mom

Here we have proof that women rule the world. This daughter was just asking for a ride because it was raining but he wasn’t having it. One question to ask is, why didn’t this dad want to go pick up his child? That’s neither here nor there. But pay attention to why women rule the world. Each text got the same response of omg. Then when mom was brought up, a no was added.

This dad knows he doesn’t want to get mother involved so chances are, he went and picked up his child from wherever he or she was.

She Needed To Be Cooled Down

It was either a hot day or he needed to discipline his daughter with an intense air blow to the face. The other daughter seems to be getting a kick out of this. The one getting the air to the face might either be enjoying it or hating it but you would never be able to tell by her facial expression because it is blown away.

Does this look like more of a punishment, a dad doing something wrong or a daughter wanting to have a good time? Whatever the answer we’re sure you’re not supposed to be blowing pressurized air on your daughter.

Hacked On Facebook

You know you aren’t safe at all when your dad hacks your Facebook and posts something like this. This is next level embarrassment from a parent that all your friends are able to see. Someone even hoped the post was real. After this, you have to plot some type of revenge. And we think dad would understand if you got revenge on him after a prank like this.

This might go down in the hall of fame of dad trolls. He is essentially calling his son an [expletive] head and even the friends are excited about it.

Bonding Time

No pants, no problem – the lawn isn’t going to cut itself! Here is a prime example of leading by example. The younger you start them, the better off they are when they grow up. And if this is the backyard then it is completely fine that they do the cutting in the comfort of their underwear as long as no one can see them.

But this dad should reconsider his choice of wearing no pants. And are those whitey tighties? Who let him do this? It is probably another one of his children that took the picture and not the wife.

Ballet For Dummies

This dad seems to be bent on learning ballet for his daughter. A noble man indeed, but what is he wearing? It looks cute on the daughter but on him, it looks quite menacing. Even with that cup of coffee in his hand as a stretched attempt to save his masculinity, just take a look at his legs. Is he wearing light pink panty hose?

Anything for your princess we suppose, but this is clearly going to be something his friends never let him live down. Well, at least the ones who are not married without children.

Gaming Is Life

We’ve seen a similar dad fail like this earlier but this one is a bit different. It isn’t a selfie and it just showcases the pure skill this dad has in gaming. He is balancing the bottle with the controller while playing one his favorite games and making sure the baby is fed.

It is not easy to play games when you can barely move the controller. Try it for yourself. As long as the baby seems content, there is nothing wrong with this image. Except for the fact that if he is playing online and can’t press start, it’ll be harder than usual to get back to the game if he has to attend to the baby.

Staying Fit

This seems to be a bit backward and alarming. The dad has a piece of chicken in one hand and some ice cream it looks like in the other. The child is getting the exercise that she probably doesn’t need at that age and he is skipping out on a workout he probably does need.

At first glance, it seems like a good idea and way to get out of a workout but you’re only cheating yourself from your fitness goals! This child might be a future cyclist! There also appears to be some type of soft beverage in the drink holder.

Cookout Time

Okay, we have seen this dad multiple times now and it seems like he has a good eye for taking father fail pictures. In this one, we see his daughter doing the work on the grill on top of the grill while the fire is burning. This is for sure not safe. And we also hope this a photoshop job. But basing off his other images, this is most likely real.

We hope his wife didn’t take this picture then it would be a father fail and a mother fail. You shouldn’t let a child be taking pictures like this that close to a fire.