This CEO Donated $77,000 So Kids Don’t Have To Eat Jelly Sandwiches For Lunch

There are far too many kids who go to school without a healthy, nutritious lunch. Luckily, some schools offer a built-in lunch program. Unfortunately, students or their parents aren’t always able to afford the prices of those lunch programs.

For students in one school district in Rhode Island, the high cost of their lunch program left them with barely enough to get by. Luckily, one man stepped up to help out.

State Law Mandates That Schools Provide Students With Lunch

Children in Rhode Island are given free or reduced lunches, but those lunches have to be paid by someone. Unfortunately, that bill falls on the parents, and those payments can’t always be made.

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Photo Credit: Ben Birchall/PA Images/Getty Images
Photo Credit: Ben Birchall/PA Images/Getty Images

So the Warwick Public School District let parents know that any student who didn’t pay their balance would be getting a different, reduced-quality lunch. This meant that families that were already struggling to make ends meet were now getting less than others.