Watch What Happens When Parents Tattoo Their Child’s Artwork

Some parents see their child’s artwork and immediately place it on the refrigerator. They might even beam with joy as they show off their child’s work to friends and family members who happen to walk into the kitchen. Then, a few weeks later, that second-grade art is tossed to the side and replaced with a different piece of art.

These parents were so proud of their kids that they decided to celebrate their art in a lasting way — by having the finished product tattooed on their body to be immortalized for the rest of their natural life.

The Juxtaposition Is Amazing

Tattoo artist Mike McNabb finished this replica tattoo for a customer named Zack. On his Instagram page Mike wrote: “Had a lot of fun doing Zack’s daughters art on him thanks again buddy.”

Mike McNabb / Instagram
Mike McNabb / Instagram

What we love about this creation is the obvious juxtaposition between Zack’s other tattoos that surrounds his daughter’s work of art. Kids can grow up way too fast but this is a reminder that Zack has always had his daughter’s back and instilled in her a sense of accomplishment.