Women Share The Silly Things They Cried Over While Pregnant And It Hits Way Too Close To Home

There’s no doubt that pregnancy is a beautiful thing, but let’s face it, it can get a bit messy sometimes. The first trimester is particularly difficult for women because hormones are changing rapidly. Estrogen and progesterone are skyrocketing, which means you can be super happy one minute, and bawling your eyes out the next. Often times, that mood swing can be over the tiniest inconvenience.

Anyone who has been pregnant (or dealt with a pregnant wife) knows this all too well. At the time, it sucks. But looking back it can be pretty hilarious to remember the silly things women cried over during their pregnancies.

In Her Defense, She Was Just Trying To Help

It’s understandable that Jay thought this was pretty funny but he would have been better off just letting his wife do what she wanted. If your pregnant wife wants to defrost a sausage roll in the shower then just let her.

wife wanting to defrost sausage rolls in showers
Midnight Confessions/Facebook
Midnight Confessions/Facebook

Honestly, “just let her” should really just be the motto for any marriage when one of you is pregnant. It not entirely a bad idea either. If the water gets hot enough, the steam should do the same work as a microwave.