Bribe Your Kids To Finally Shower With This Bar Of Soap Stuffed With Money

Whether you are raising a toddler or a teenager, you know how difficult it can be to convince them to clean themselves up. Your toddler might take a shower once or twice a week, and it takes all of 3 minutes of running lukewarm water over them and barely getting their hair wet. For a teenager… well, with hormones blaring, they can frankly always use an extra shower.

If you need something extra to convince them to soap up in the shower, this soap bar has some cash inside it. All you have to do is get lathering.

Each Bar Is Handcrafted And Unique

dollar soap in hand
Photo Credit: Etsy / SoapByNadia
Photo Credit: Etsy / SoapByNadia

We stumbled upon the SoapByNadia shop on Etsy and immediately noticed these perfectly crafted bars of soap that offered a bit of cash once you got through it. What’s really cool is all the ways you can customize it!