Reel In Some Marshmallows By The Fire With This Fishing Rod

There’s nothing quite like roasting some marshmallows by an open fire, but it’s time to ditch that twig you found in your backyard. If you’re serious about your smores, you need to get the proper equipment. That means jumbo marshmallows, name-brand chocolate, and only the finest gram crackers.

Once you have the right ingredients, grab yourself this fishing rod designed just for the firepit, just in case you didn’t catch anything out on the water.

It Takes All The Practice And Patience Of Normal Fishing

firebuggz rod
Photo Credit: Instagram / @scoutshop_nl
Photo Credit: Instagram / @scoutshop_nl

Even expert fishermen know that practice makes perfect, and it’s no different with this Campfire Fishing Pole. It takes a steady hand and just the right balance to get the perfect char.