82-Year-Old Grandma Gamer Is Cooler Than You’ll Ever Be

Shirley Curry is an 82-year-old grandmother and beloved Skyrim and Elder Scrolls YouTube Let’s Player whose warm grandma energy has rocketed her into the hearts of many. Known in the community as the ‘Skyrim Grandma’, she greets her viewers every video by saying ‘hello, grandkids’ and responds to every email and comment she gets with love.

Did I also mention she’s got 600K subscribers, a love of Call of Cthulu, and a flourishing tomato garden? She’s definitely the coolest grandma in the world, and yeah, that includes yours. Sorry ’bout it.

It All Started With Her Son’s Old Computer

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Photo Credit: Shirley Curry / Facebook
Photo Credit: Shirley Curry / Facebook

Like every one of us who inherited their older brother’s healthy stock of N64 games when he moved to college, Shirley was drawn into the world when her son was getting rid of his old computer. He gave her the PC along with his copy of Sid Meier’s Civilization 2 – she was immediately hooked.

‘I would play day and night and I would turn into a zombie. It was just fascinating I could do something like that’ Shirley remembers. She’s since graduated from the saturated colors and big pixels of Civilization 2 to Skyrim’s and Elderscroll’s photo-realistic gameplay.