82-Year-Old Grandma Gamer Is Cooler Than You’ll Ever Be

She’ll Teach You Some Manners

shirley gaming grandma video game skyrim playing
Photo Credit: Shirley Curry / Facebook
Photo Credit: Shirley Curry / Facebook

Unsurprisingly, Shirley’s comments sections on her videos are overflowing with love and support because who would dare write a nasty thing to Shirley. Just look at her — she’s your internet grandma and you better be nice to your internet grandma.

When some angry troll does leave hate on her channel, Shirley responds with love and offers them a chance to apologize – which most eventually do. ‘They just need somebody to try and teach them some manners. Evidently, they don’t get it at home’ Shirley says. You tell it like it is Shirley. Those haters need firm grandma instruction.