A Circus Bear’s Fate Was Up In The Air Until A Rescue Group Stepped In To Help

Originally born in a zoo with a wide-open enclosure, Napa the bear soon found himself in the custody of a Serbian circus, Corona, living in a small cage. Thankfully, Serbia passed a law banning wild animals in the circus, but the fate of Napa was up in the air.

That’s when a rescue group stepped in. Sadly, it wasn’t that easy, and the group wasn’t ready for what came next.

Napa Was Moved From Her Home In A Zoo

Meet Napa, a bear who has known nothing but confinement his entire life. The thing is, Napa was originally born in a zoo, with a nice wide-open space to roam around.

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Sadly, his life took a turn, and he soon found himself in a small cage with nowhere to go.