Add That Personal Touch To Father’s Day With These Etsy-Inspired Products

Father’s Day is a time to celebrate dad and all he does for the family. Without him, our lawns wouldn’t be properly manicured, our grills wouldn’t be properly maintained, and our public embarrassment wouldn’t be anywhere as high as when he tells us ‘hi hungry, I’m dad!’

For all our dads do for us, it’s time we do something for him. While there are all kinds of products out there to celebrate dad, we found a bunch on Etsy that allows you to add a personal touch, so dad will get something totally unique for him.

Never Hear ‘Now Where Did I Put That’ Again

dad's stuff engraving
Photo Credit: Etsy / DrapelaWoodworks
Photo Credit: Etsy / DrapelaWoodworks

As much as dad is constantly asking you where you put the remote, chances are that it’s him that’s actually losing all of his belongings. So help him keep everything in one place with this custom docking station.

Now when he comes home and empties his pockets, he can keep everything in one place so he can find it when he really needs it.