After Decades Of Marriage, Strange Documents Make Audrey Wonder If She Ever Knew Her Husband At All

It was love at first sight for Audrey and Glyndwr. However, mysterious weekends away and abrupt walks in the park made Audrey curious about what her husband did in his spare time.

Years later, the truth finally comes out, thanks to strange documents found in a drawer. Audrey began to wonder if she ever really knew her husband at all.

They Met In A Bar And Were Soon Married

Audrey Phillips met Glyndwr at a bar, and it was love at first sight. The two dated for a few months and then got married. They were the perfect match, and everyone couldn’t have been happier for the couple.

Let Me Know/YouTube
Let Me Know/YouTube

Even so, Audrey remembered a mysterious air around Glyndwr, something that would come to light years later.