Airline Returns Beloved Buzz Lightyear Toy To Owner With A Letter Detailing His Adventures

As kids, we always love a certain toy more than the rest of our toys. We want to bring it everywhere with us. It becomes like another appendage: Where we go, that toy has to go.

For me, it was my stuffed fox, which I cleverly named “Foxy.” Eventually, I lost Foxy, and I never found him again. I like to imagine that someone else found him and loves him as much as I did.

This Is Hagen And His Super Cool Buzz Lightyear Doll

mom holding her son who is holding a Buzz Lightyear toy
Photo Credit: Facebook / Ashley Davis
Photo Credit: Facebook / Ashley Davis

Buzz was hands down Hagen’s favorite toy. He even had his name written on the bottom of Buzz’s boot, just like in the Toy Story movies.

Hagen’s dad had suddenly lost his uncle. Within 24 hours, his family had a flight booked, and they were on their way to Dallas, Texas. When they landed, Hagen’s mom, Ashley, thought she had collected everything, but when they got to the rental car, Buzz was gone. Hagen was distraught.