Army Dad Wrote 270 Heartwarming Lunchbox Notes To Daughter For Every Day He Was Deployed

When a parent is in the military or the army, it can be hard for kids to cope with the fact that they can’t see their mom or dad for months or years on end. The situation is hard on any child, but one serviceman found a way to make it a little easier for his seven-year-old daughter.

Staff Sergeant Phillip Gray decided to write his daughter more than 250 notes before he left for deployment in Afghanistan, and his wife, Kristen, posted a TikTok about it. Read on to learn more about this sweet, heartwarming story, and what their daughter Rosie thought of the notes.

Going A Long Time Without Seeing Family

People who enlist in the military during times of conflict are sacrificing their home lives and safety to help keep their country safe.

man in army fatigues holding hands with woman in jeans
Photo Credit: Wyatt / Pexels
Photo Credit: Wyatt / Pexels

It’s so important to acknowledge everything that our sergeants and other military workers do for America. In addition to risking their own lives, these people sacrifice being able to be there for their kids or partners all of the time. So, some go the extra mile to make sure even though they’re not physically present, their loved ones get a nice reminder of them each day.