Cool Off The Kids With Pre-Historic Help From This Dino-tastic Sprinkler!

When the sun comes out in the summer and the kids are home from school, it can be hard to cool them down. While a pool might be an easy answer, buying and maintaining one is not always easy on the wallet. Here’s another solution, an inflatable dinosaur you can attach your hose to and create a pre-historically modern sprinkler system for hours of fun!

Big-Time Fun For Everyone!

dino sprinkler
BigMouth Inc/
BigMouth Inc/

Standing over six-feet tall, this self-described “ginormous” dinosaur sprinkler is perfect for children of any size. Heck, even adults can enjoy the cooling effects of this once extinct animal.

Easy to use, store, and transport, you can take your new toy anywhere you – the front yard, the backyard, a neighbor’s house, or even the kitchen (which we don’t recommend)!