Dad Invites Everyone Except The Class Bully To His Daughter’s Birthday—And Gets Shamed By The Kid’s Mom

The Daughter Decided Not To Invite Nick To The Party

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Photo Credit: Naim Benjelloun / Pexels
Photo Credit: Naim Benjelloun / Pexels

The teacher promised that they were going to be handling the situation with “Nick” and keep him away from his daughter. Supposedly, the school has had many talks with the mom but all she seems to do is baby the kid.

The dad explains further, “Nick hasn’t bothered my daughter since my talk with the teacher. So for my daughter’s birthday, she decided to invite almost everyone in the class. Obviously except for Nick. Her mom confronted me after school when I was picking her up. I guess he was crying that he didn’t get an invitation. I had my daughter wait in the car and this lady was giving me hell for excluding her son when this could’ve been a chance for him to finally get along with his classmates.”