Dad Makes Daughter Do All House Chores In Return For Menstrual Pads

Part of raising a child is teaching them responsibility and basic chores like cooking and cleaning. However, this usually entails teaching it to all your kids. This dad only made his daughter do chores while never asking anything out of his son. His reasoning was that he pays more for his daughter’s pads, so she should earn it.

The dad (ThrowAwayGirlVsBoy) asked Reddit whether he was in the wrong, and Reddit clapped back.

The Single Dad Was Widowed

The 50-year-old prefaces the post by explaining that he lost his wife ten years ago. He was left alone with a 17-year-old son and a 15-year-old daughter.

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Photo Credit: Andrew Neel / Unsplash
Photo Credit: Andrew Neel / Unsplash

However, he recently got into a big feud with the rest of his family when they learned that he makes his daughter do all the chores, but asks nothing from his son.