Dad Can Really Bring Home The Bacon With This Meat Curing Kit

If your dad is getting sick and tired of the same old bacon, listen up. We’re in an age where it’s possible to do so many things yourself, so if you’re putting in the time to better yourself, why not take that same approach to your meat?

Store-bought is all well and good, but it’s time to take your meat to the next level. It’s time for dad to start curing his own bacon and jerky. His tastebuds deserve it.

Grab A Pork Belly To Fill His Pork Belly

bacon curing kit from sandyleaffarm
Photo Credit: Etsy / SandyLeafFarm
Photo Credit: Etsy / SandyLeafFarm

All you need to do is grab a joint of pork belly because this bacon curing kit has everything else you need. It comes with hooks to hang your meat, bacon cure, cheesecloth, and everything else you’ll need to make bacon that doesn’t shrink in the pan.