Dad Sits In On Kindergarten Class And These Were His Main Observations

Even though just about all of us have gone through kindergarten at some point, it’s hard to remember what it was really like to be a little kid in a classroom once you reach adulthood. One father, Reddit user neatgeek83, got to relive the experience when he sat in on a day of kindergarten with his daughter.

Amazed by the experience, he decided to share his main observations from the classroom.

Dads Are Invited To The Classroom Regularly

A father walks hand-in-hand with his daughter
Photo Credit: Robert Alexander / Getty Images
Photo Credit: Robert Alexander / Getty Images

His daughter’s school has a program called “WATCH D.O.G.S.” that encourages dads to volunteer one day a year in the school, normally making sure dads are paired to their children’s classrooms.