Daughter Gets Email From Her Deceased Father, With Special Instructions To Follow

If you received an email from someone that you knew had passed away months before, would you be nervous about opening it?

Alyssa Mendoza was understandably freaked out when she received an email from her dad 10 months after he passed away, but she’s thrilled now that she read it instead of sending it to the junk folder. In June 2020, Aly shared the story of how her father contacted her from the dead so she could plan a party for her mother.

Preparing For His Passing

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Photo Credit: Facebook / Aly Mendoza
Photo Credit: Facebook / Aly Mendoza

Before his passing in 2019, Aly’s father was ill and struggling with chronic kidney disease. As hard as he fought to stay alive, he eventually passed away just two days after his wife’s birthday, and two days before his daughter’s.