Family Feels ‘Robbed’ That Dad Didn’t Let Anyone Hold His Baby Until His Wife Could

The first time you hold your child is a magical moment. It’s the spark of that first connection that will last a lifetime. One family couldn’t immediately capture this moment, which led them to take a different journey.

At the time of his baby’s birth, one man’s wife (and the mother of the child) was unconscious. When she remained unconscious for 4 days after that, this man decided that he would not let anyone hold the baby until she could.

Holding Your Baby For The First Time

We all know and love the feeling of holding a sweet little baby in our arms.

sleeping baby with open mouth in blanket
Photo Credit: kelvin octa / Pexels
Photo Credit: kelvin octa / Pexels

But when you hold your baby for the first time, it is a feeling like no other. Mom or dad are the ones who first get to properly hold the baby, which is exactly the way it should be.