This Father Steps In After His Daughter Is Singled Out Over Her Outfit Choice

When the school administrator called Tony Alarcon to let him know that his middle school daughter’s outfit was breaking the school dress code, he was confused. He dropped her off in the morning and saw other girls wearing something similar. Why were they signaling out his daughter?

Then the administrator let it slip the real reason his daughter was called to the office. After listening to them berate his daughter he rolled up his sleeves. He was ready for a fight.

Tony Alarcon Was A Man On A Mission

Tony Alarcon Was A Man On A Mission

Tony Alarcon is a successful investment banker and real estate mogul, so he is used to getting his way. When he realized the things his daughter’s school was saying about her, he wasn’t going to let it slide.

When he drove up to the school and saw her tear-stained face, he knew there was going to be a fight — he wasn’t going to take things lying down. You won’t believe the reason why his daughter was called out.