A Girl With Down Syndrome Couldn’t Get Adopted Until This Man Came Into The Picture

At just 13 days old, little Alba had already been rejected by 20 families. Meanwhile, Luca was struggling to gain permission to adopt because he was single. As though an act of fate, the two were matched together after every other possibility was met to no avail. Two years later, the father and daughter are inseparable. However, their journey stands out amongst most other parent-child relationships. Read on to see how this father and daughter are breaking stereotypes by proving that love truly is all you need.

An Immediate Connection

Newborn Alba sleeps on Luca's shoulder.

42-year-old Luca Trapanese had dreamed of becoming a parent. Moreover, his experience with ill and disabled people made him confident that adopting a disabled child was part of his life’s purpose. This was only further proven when Alba came into his life.

At just 13 days old, Alba met Luca, who would become her adopted father. The bond was eminent. Recently, Luca told Bon Culture that he forgets that he ever adopted Alba because she is so much a part of him.