Girl Dresses Up As Powerful Historical Figures Every Day For Black History Month

February, as well all know, is Black History Month. It’s a time to celebrate powerful black voices and people in history as well as recognize their struggles and how they have contributed to building America.

Nobody knows this better than Cristi Smith-Jones’ daughter Lola. From 2017 onwards, she has dressed up as historical black figures. Read on to see how much this super kid has learned and see how great of a job she and her mom did in honoring these inspirational people.

What A Star! Here’s Lola As The First Female Astronaut

female astronaut
Photo Credit: @MsKittiFatale / Twitter
Photo Credit: @MsKittiFatale / Twitter

Here Lola portrays Dr. Mae Jemison. Dr. Jemision became the first black woman in space in 1992 when she orbited Earth for eight days. She graduated from Stanford University with a degree in chemical engineering and has a medical degree from Cornell. I’m completely star struck.