Groom Kicks Sisters Out Of Wedding For Bringing Their Kids

As much as weddings are meant to be a time to celebrate love and new beginnings, they’re quite stressful. Ensuring that the events go smoothly requires a lot of planning and finances. For that reason, whenever it doesn’t go to plan, the bride and groom can go into panic mode.

Reddit user TAway3577 asked if he was in the wrong for turning away his sisters who brought their kids to his wedding. This couple planned for a child-free wedding, so when the groom’s three sisters showed up with their kids, he wasn’t pleased.

The Bride And Groom Planned For A Child-Free Wedding

bride and groom under veil kiss
Photo Credit: Soulseeker Creative Photography / Unsplash
Photo Credit: Soulseeker Creative Photography / Unsplash

The bride and groom wanted a child-free wedding. This is a decision that is more and more common in modern weddings. It saves costs on the extra food as well as having to find ways to entertain the younger crowd.

Having kids at the wedding requires a lot of additional planning and noise.