Halfway Through A Tattoo, This Woman Fled The Tattoo Shop

Body-shaming has become an ever-increasing issue on the internet and one TikTok user’s sad story about real-life body shaming has resonated with many people.

It didn’t take long for her followers to stand by Dalia’s side after a shocking incident with a tattoo artist who she first met in a public space.

Tiktok User Asks If She’s Just ‘Being Dramatic’

On April 18, 2022, TikTok user @senoracabrona whose first name is Dalia, asked her followers a simple question: “I need to know if I’m being dramatic.”

Being Dramatic TikTok
TikTok | @senoracabrona
TikTok | @senoracabrona

What could the young woman be worried about? It all started when she was approached by a tattoo artist while she was working out at a local gym. He handed her his card after seeing her tattoos and told her to give him a call.

Dalio looked up the artist’s reputation and decided to have some desired tattoo work done on her stomach.