Heartbreaking College Essay Lands Teen Early Acceptance To Harvard

Harvard University is one of the most prestigious post-secondary schools in the country. With a startlingly low acceptance rate of only 3.43%, it is easily ranked as one of the most competitive schools in the entire world for admissions.

A low acceptance rate, extensive application process, and a personalized essay requirement are enough to deter many high school students from ever applying. That didn’t stop one teen from shooting for the big leagues. Her entrance essay is making waves online because of the heartbreaking reason behind the words.

18-Year-Old Abigail Mack Caught Everyone’s Attention With Her College Essay

Abigail Mack is the brilliant young mind behind the college entrance essay that caught the attention of Harvard, and then the world online.

Girl in white graduation gown hugging woman, wearing blue cardigan and black pants.
Photo Credit: @abigail_vmack / Instagram
Photo Credit: @abigail_vmack / Instagram

Abigail shared the introduction to her heartfelt essay on TikTok where it quickly amassed millions of views. Currently, her original video has been viewed over 17 million times on TikTok alone.