Man Gets Revenge On Gold-Digger Girlfriend After She Tries To Sell Fake Diamond Engagement Ring

“Sapphires aren’t a Karen’s best friend.” That’s the hard lesson a man learned and felt the need to share on Reddit with the username “rosexknight.”

When Dave proposed to Karen, he assumed their love would triumph over her over-the-top demands, like expecting an engagement ring worth three months’ salary. They both learned their lesson the hard way.

Karen Was…A Bit Of A Gold Digger

Dave, 34, was dating Karen for more than four years and decided to finally take the next step and propose. However, his fiance to be was described as “a bit of a gold digger and a very entitled person.”

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Photo Credit: Andrea Piacuadio / Pexels
Photo Credit: Andrea Piacuadio / Pexels

Despite not being rich, she acted like she was and made it very clear that she wanted a “traditional” diamond ring worth 3 month’s salary.