Mattel Announces New ‘Judge Barbie’ As ‘Career of The Year’ Doll

Barbie dolls are a big part of a lot of little girls’ lives growing up. In an attempt to make little girls dream bigger and make decisions to “change the world,” Mattel has just announced its 2019 Career of the Year Barbie: Judge Barbie.

“Law-making & ceiling-breaking! Continue to inspire the next generation to see themselves in careers underrepresented by women,” said Mattel on Twitter. “By encouraging more girls to explore careers with the #Barbie Judge Doll, we show them they can be anything.”

In an Instagram post, the company stated that “the Barbie Judge Doll encourages girls to learn more about making decisions to change the world for the better.”

Barbie’s other careers include a film director, entrepreneur, robotics engineer, and video game developer.

“Barbie has had over 200 careers. We like to say, ‘There isn’t a plastic ceiling that Barbie hasn’t broken,'” said Lisa McKnight, Barbie Global Brand Manager, to MentalFloss.

Mattel continues to make Barbie a more inspirational and modern doll that allows kids to explore beyond the standard “bimbo Barbie” mentality. The company even recently announced a new gender-neutral doll. They are also raising money to support girls’ education through a partnership with GoFundMe.