A Meteorologist Was Interrupted By Her Baby On Live TV, And People Applauded Her Response

Let’s face it: working from home maybe have allowed us to work in our pajamas, but it hasn’t always been easy. For one mom in particular, it proved to be extra challenging when her little man finally learned how to walk on his own. The mom, who is also a meteorologist for ABC7, had a little surprise visit during her time on air.

The Reality Of Working From Home

man working from home with two laptops and screen on his desk
Photo Credit: Olia Danilevich / Pexels
Photo Credit: Olia Danilevich / Pexels

Since the pandemic hit, we had to reimagine our world and do everything from within the walls of our homes.

For some of us, this meant still working our day job, but all through a screen. This was no different for those who worked in media and broadcasting.