Mom Embarrasses Preteen Daughter At Sleepover By Sharing She’s A Bedwetter

If you had an 11-year-old daughter who wet the bed, would you assume that it’s something she probably doesn’t want other people to know about? Yes, yes you would.

One mom, however, seemed to disagree with that. Why would her preteen daughter possibly be upset about her mom telling others that she still wet the bed?! Who could have imagined that her daughter might be upset about that? Oh, wait. We could have guessed that!

Story Time

aita for telling my daughter's friend mom that my daughter has a bed wetting problem
Photo Credit: Reddit / notthesecretkeeper
Photo Credit: Reddit / notthesecretkeeper

“AITA for telling my daughter’s friend’s mom that my daughter has a bedwetting problem?”

Well, that certainly seems like it’s going to be an interesting story. Let’s find out what went down, and why this woman’s daughter claims she’s a “horrible person.”