Mom Gets Shaded For Throwing Out Her Kids’ Toys When They Refuse To Clean Them

We all have our own ways of dealing with our kids. TikTok user @tabathamarie is just learning the best ways to parent like the rest of us. When she asked her kid to clean his room, he refused.

So, she shared a video in which she showcased how she dealt with her messy son. However, not everyone was on board with her parenting style.

A Mother Was Trying To Get Her Child To Clean His Room

A mother used TikTok to explain how she handles when her son refuses to clean his room. She prefaces the clip by warning that she hated seeing the look on his face when he saw his room at the end.

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Photo Credit: tabathamarie / Tiktok
Photo Credit: tabathamarie / Tiktok

“It hurt me just as much but my babies will not be disrespectful.”